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    • Active and passive liveness detection – which one to use for authentication

      Active and passive liveness detection – which one should you use for authentication Active or passive liveness detection to protect from fraud? Online fraud and identity theft are still increasing in today’s world. Although many people consider the risk of becoming a victim of identity fraud to be low, statistics indicate otherwise.

    • BioID at the Long Night of Sciences
      Join BioID for the Long Night of Sciences on May 21st, 2022

      Join BioID for the Long Night of Sciences on May 21st, 2022! Have you ever wondered how facial biometrics works? Or what biometric liveness detection is? Or whether biometric developers are really nerds? If so, now you will have the opportunity to find the answers yourself!

    • Deepfakes in biometrics for fraud prevention
      Deepfakes and Fraud Prevention in Biometrics

      Deepfakes and fraud prevention in biometrics Looking at biometrics and its relevancy regarding the internet and online presence, identity fraud is an important issue to mention. To date, most people do not have a clear understanding of the potential risks in today’s technologically advanced world.

    • Deepfakes and deepfake detection in biometrics
      Deepfake Detection Research

      Deepfake Detection Research Funded by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research Nuremberg, Germany – November 30th, 2021: German biometrics company BioID today announced its engagement in FAKE-ID, a project on deepfake detection funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

    • Press Release MobiPay KYC Liveness Detection
      Payment Service Provider MobiPay Chooses BioID to Protect IDaaS

      Payment Service Provider MobiPay Chooses BioID to Protect IDaaS Nuremberg, Germany and Windhoek, Namibia – May 25th, 2021 Digital Payment Service Provider MobiPay today announced to use BioID’s Liveness Detection to empower their Identity as a Service solution (IDaaS) for meeting regulatory compliance. As a licensed Payment Intermediary, Mobipay is obligated to follow the highest security standards.

    • Insurance application with biometric identity verification
      Insurance Platform Provider GFlex40 Chooses BioID for Anti-Spoofing

      Insurance Platform Provider GFlex40 Chooses BioID for Anti-Spoofing Nuremberg, Germany and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – April 27th, 2021   GFlex40, Malaysia’s first digital managing general agent, has chosen BioID to deliver its regulatory compliant liveness detection for fraud prevention. GFlex40 seeks to transform the conventional insurance purchasing journey via an end-to-end digital experience.

    • TÜViT tests BioID PAD for ISO 30107-3 Compliance
      German TÜViT successfully audits BioID PAD for ISO/IEC 30107-3 compliance

      BioID Liveness Detection compliant with ISO/IEC 30107-3 German accredited laboratory TÜViT successfully audits BioID PAD on level A and B attacks Nuremberg, Germany – February 1st, 2021 Biometrics-as-a-Service provider BioID GmbH today announced the official PAD evaluation report by TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH (TÜViT) was issued.

    • FIDO biometric certification with liveness detection from BioID
      Press Release: ARIADNEXT receives FIDO biometric certification using BioID liveness detection

      ARIADNEXT receives FIDO biometric certification powered by BioID liveness detection Nuremberg, Germany and Paris, France -November 23rd, 2020   Biometrics-as-a-Service developer BioID and ARIADNEXT, a French digital identity provider, today announced their partnership. BioID’s liveness detection is an integral part of ARIADNEXT’s product

    • Biometric ID photo with automated Photobooth
      Use Case QualityCheck API: Automated biometric ID photos from Photobooth-Deluxe

      Photobooth-Deluxe automates passport photo creation with BioID Biometric ID pictures with API for automated quality assessment Ochsenfurt and Nuremberg, Germany – October 30th, 2020 – Photobooth-Deluxe, a provider of mobile photobooth systems from Germany is specialized on optimizing the quality and expanding use cases for such equipment.

    • Biometrics for AML identity proofing for LCX
      PRESS RELEASE: LCX and BioID Partner to Innovate Crypto Compliance

      LCX and BioID Partner to Innovate Crypto Compliance With AI-Powered Biometrics Nuremberg, Germany and Vaduz, Liechtenstein – September 24th, 2020 – LCX AG (Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange) has announced the collaboration with German biometrics provider BioID GmbH.

    • PR Digital Onboarding Comcorp BioID
      PRESS RELEASE: BioID chosen as trusted technology partner by South African Comcorp

      South African identity provider Comcorp chooses BioID as trusted technology partner Nuremberg, Germany and Bryanston, South Africa – July 7th, 2020 – The South African on-boarding specialist Comcorp has chosen German biometrics company BioID to provide biometric face matching and liveness detection for their established digital identity proofing solution.

    • BioID automates Digidentity identity proofing for British government
      PRESS RELEASE: BioID automates Digidentity’s identity proofing for British government

      BioID liveness detection automates Digidentity’s identity proofing for British government service GOV.UK Verify Nuremberg, Germany and The Hague, Netherlands – June 17th, 2020 – German biometrics company BioID and Dutch identity provider Digidentity, part of Solera Holdings, Inc., collaborate to offer a completely automated identity proofing process to the British government.

    • Liveness Detection Certification at BioID Biometrics
      Liveness Detection Certification ISO/IEC 30107-3

      Liveness Detection Certification, FIDO Certification and PAD Evaluations Process & Standards for Certified Liveness Detection Also known as presentation attack detection (PAD), liveness detection certification and certified liveness detection solutions have become the hot topic of the whole biometrics industry. In the following, this article will thus explain the most important elements of a liveness detection certification, including PAD evaluations and FIDO certifications as well as their limitations.

    • Biometric Physcial Access Control BioID Nuki
      Biometric Access with Nuki Smart Lock

      Use case biometric access control Open the door via Nuki Smart Lock and BioID face recognition Working for a keyless future, the Austrian company Nuki offers smart access systems that use mobile solutions as keys. Part of their offer is the Nuki Smart Lock which can be attached easily to existing standard locks.

    • BioID Biometrics wishes Merry X-Mas in the year of AI
      BioID wishes Merry X-Mas

      Dear BioID Partners & Friends,   As the new year is just around the corner, we wish to take this opportunity to send our holiday greetings to all our partners & friends – old and new.   With 2019 being the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI) we have very much enjoyed seeing the industry’s growth and tremendous development. Shaping the market for more than 20 years, for us it is especially exciting to see how AI is accelerating image processing and with it our core technologies!

    • Biometrics Made in Nuremberg by BioID
      Biometrics Made in Nuremberg: Visit BioID on Oct. 19th, 2019

      Biometrics Made in Nuremberg: Visit BioID on Oct. 19th, 2019   Ever wondered how the BioID office looks like and where we do our research and development for liveness detection and facial biometrics? This year, BioID is proud exhibitor at the well-known Long Night of Sciences in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg.

    • BioID Presentation Attack Detection for Anti-Spoofing in Biometrics with Liveness Detection
      Dissolving the Myth of Easy-To-Fake Face Recognition

      Presentation attack detection: Dissolving the myth of easy-to-fake face recognition One of the most common assumptions concerning face recognition is that it can easily be faked with one’s photo – which, in times of Facebook and Instagram, is publicly available to anyone. Further, if a facial recognition software cannot be cheated this way, then surely with a video or a 3D avatar.

    • Self-service SIM card activation service with biometrics
      PRESS RELEASE: BioID and POS AG cooperate for biometric SIM card activation service

      Prepaid SIM card activation – anytime, anywhere: BioID and POS AG cooperate for biometric identity proofing Nuremberg, Germany and Braunau am Inn, Austria – June 18, 2019 – Biometrics-as-a-Service provider BioID today announced their integration into POS AG’s remote identity proofing for prepaid SIM card self-activation.

    • Biometric password reset BioID and TESIS Sysware
      BioID Enables Biometric Password Reset for TESIS SYSware

      BioID enables Biometric Password Reset in TESIS SYSware’s Corporate Software ASPR Nuremberg and Munich, Germany – May 13th, 2019 – Cloud biometrics developer BioID today announced the integration of the BioID Web Service (BWS) by the software developer TESIS SYSware. The German company offers a web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) for self-service password management in large organizations.

    • Collaboration between BioID and Keyp on Digital Identities
      New release: We’ve boosted PhotoVerify performance for you!

      New release: We’ve boosted PhotoVerify performance for you! Breakthrough for KYC Onboarding Mutual exchange with our customers on the identity market and continuous development by the R&D team in Nuremberg have ultimately catered to our new PhotoVerify release which has boosted performance by factor 5 (!) of the beta version.