Pension & Welfare Administration

User-friendly biometric authentication against pension & social welfare fraud

pension administration with biometric face authentication

Social security benefit programs such as pension, welfare, employment, etc. require periodical entitlement validation. The entitlement variation process is necessary to prevent fraud but can sometimes be cumbersome causing unnecessary delays and costs. BioID facilitates the validation process through a secure service, making the otherwise tedious manual administration simpler and more effective by empowering the beneficiaries themselves to carry out the validation at their convenience.

pension administration with biometric face authentication

Benefits of Pension Administration with Biometrics by BioID

gdpr compliant pension and welfare administration service

Regulatory Compliant

  • ID ownership validation + liveness detection enables online ‘face-to-face’ registration
  • 1:1 verification + liveness detection enables strong user authentication
  • GDPR compliant
Face Authentication for convenient and secure pension administration

Convenient & Secure

  • All-inclusive regardless of physical mobility
  • 24/7 self-service to prevent unnecessary delays
  • Prevents fraud caused by human errors
cost effective social security administration

Cost Effective

  • Multichannel support: online, mobile, device
  • Extendable to include fund payments (e.g. medicare, job training, etc.)
  • Eliminates costly administrations
Face Authentication prevents fraud and ensures only authorized persions receive pension and welfare administration

Prevent fraud and ensure that only authorized persons receive pensions

Increasing financial loss due to pension/welfare fraud has resulted in a cumbersome pension validation/renewal process. Such inefficient process causes tremendous administration costs and unnecessary delays for those in need.

To prevent pension/welfare fraud, beneficiaries must periodically validate their entitlement to continuously receive the benefits.

As part of the validation process, liveness detection is mandatory to ensure active participation or physical presence of the beneficiary.

By capturing two selfies from the beneficiaries, BioID’s PhotoVerify validates whether the selfies were taken from a live person (liveness or deepfake detection) and whether the selfies and the ID photo on record are the same person (identity validation). The whole process can be performed by the beneficiaries themselves anytime anywhere without the need of an agent. By doing so, the authority achieves the legally-required validation at high levels of confidence, whereas the beneficiaries enjoy the convenience and friendliness of the process from the comfort of their home.

More Use Cases

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