Biometrics Made in Germany

Visit BioID at Long Night of Sciences 2019


Biometrics made in Nuremberg with anti-spoofing presentation attack detection by BioIDEver wondered how the BioID office looks like and where we do our research and development for liveness detection and facial biometrics? This year, BioID is proud exhibitor at the well-known Long Night of Sciences in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg. On the 19th of October 2019, scientific institutions and companies working on technological innovations will open their doors to the public for a whole evening, from 6pm to 1am. The event takes place the ninth time and is the largest Long Night of its kind in Germany. More than 25,000 people will visit the various scientific institutions in the region, with tours through the laboratories and institutes giving the general public the opportunity to discover what researchers at universities and technological companies are currently working on. Opening research and development to the public is supposed to build cross-fertilizing connections and support collaboration in the region of Nuremberg, Erlangen and Fürth. The program contains a wide range of exhibitions, experiments and presentations – hosted by more than 300 institutions, with BioID being one of them for the first time!


The evening program for Biometrics Made in Germany

BioID will not only showcase their technologies but also have various interactive offers to test biometrics and see how biometric applications can look like. A presentation held by the company’s CTO, Dr. Robert Frischholz, will give insights into how artificial intelligence (AI) is benefiting biometrics. New developments and challenges will be presented, and explained, why AI is simply not enough if it comes to creating a fraud-proof facial authentication system. The presentation is not only geared to geeks and specialists, Dr. Frischholz will make sure to give interesting insights for every level of experience in the field of pattern recognition, AI and presentation attack detection.

  • Doors open 6pm – 1am
  • Presentation on AI in Biometrics at 7pm and 9pm
  • Guided tours through BioID office
  • Take-away biometric passport photos
  • Liveness detection self-test and spoofing challenge


The event will be held in BioID’s offices in Nuremberg. Visitors will be able to test a liveness detection demonstrator and challenge it with various fraud attempts. A competition will be held and everyone is welcome to come and challenge the system with spoofing attacks through a mask or the like. Also, one of BioID’s customers will be there showing a Photobooth enabled with BioID’s technology for automatically creating biometric passport images. Every visitor may create biometric, ICAO compliant photos and take them home! Last but not least see how a door can get unlocked with nothing more than a face and get a look and feel of “Biometrics made in Nuremberg” when visiting us on Oct. 19th, 2019! A small fee for the “Long Night of Sciences Batch” allows you to enter more than 300 institutions that night. No registration is required.


Save the Date: 19.10.19 – Biometrics made in Nuremberg.

Liveness Detection/Presentation Attack Detection can be tested at the BioID Playground. For making a test integration of our Web-APIs into your services, please request a free trial instance here:


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