Face Recognition Software

The software service for omnichannel biometric face analysis

Face recognition software

User authentication can be as simple as taking a selfie. Secured by liveness detection, face recognition is typically used to verify if a user is who they claim to be.

Our face recognition comes as a service via API and is device-independent. This first-class software enables a wide range of applications that can be used on many devices without the need to register or enroll the user on each device.


Face recognition software

How does the BioID Face Recognition Software work?

Face recognition works as a 1:1 face-matching software that verifies a selfie taken by a user against a pre-enrolled template.

Two selfies are required to perform liveness detection. Learn more about this in the video below:

Two Steps to Face Recognition: Enroll & Verify


Face recognition software enrollment


Before facial verification can be conducted, the system needs to learn how you look. For enrolling, simply take a few selfies of yourself. Our proprietary AI technology transforms the characteristics of your face into an irreversible and encrypted template – a mathematical abstraction that encodes how you look. For successful follow-on face verification, selfies provided by the user must match the corresponding template kept on our BioID Web Service.


Face recognition software using face verification


Once enrolled, the user can then be recognized using face verification. Face verification works the same way as enrollment except the selfies will be compared with the enrolled template. Only when there is a match, the verification process is considered successful.

Secured by Liveness Detection

Face recognition software secure by liveness detection

To prevent spoofing with replay attacks (with photos, masks, video deepfakes, etc.) and to assure user presence, a liveness check is performed as part of the authentication process.

Benefits of User Authentication with our
Face Recognition Software

Face recognition software for multi device purposes


Supports standard webcams and mobile phone cameras

Face recognition software cross platforms


Accessible from any online or mobile apps (iOS or Android)

Face recognition software provides anti-spoofing


Liveness detection is part of the process giving high assurance of user presence

Face recognition software provides gdpr compliant data privacy

Highest Security Standards

GDPR compliant and

Face recognition software with cheap pay-per-use

Cost Effective

High availability anytime and anywhere
on a pay-per-use/subscription basis

Use Cases

Home office biometrics

Work from Home

Biometrics effectively binds a digital identity to a physical person. For employees working from home, companies can use our face recognition software to verify their identity as part of their multi-factor user authentication.

Digital KYC with biometrics

KYC Authentication

Multifactor authentication combines face, phone, and geolocation reducing unauthorized access and increasing security for KYC situations. Multifactor authentication prevents both true and friendly fraud.

face recognition software for pension & welfare administration

Pension Administration

BioID’s highly robust and accurate face recognition facilitates the 24/7 self-service user experience while keeping the entire administration journey, simple, discrete, and secure.

Face recognition software for access control

Access Control

Instead of using costly manual checking or easy-to-share tokens and passwords for employee and visitor management, innovative companies can make use of the latest developments in biometrics.

Privacy with Anonymous
Face Recognition Software

Can highly sensitive biometric data be used to secure identities and their data in a GDPR-compliant way?

At BioID it can.

Anonymous Face Recognition Software:
We transform raw data into pseudonymized binary templates. The raw data is deleted by default right after use. All binary templates are irreversible and revocable and are stored without other personally identifiable information in a highly secured European cloud. Therefore, we don’t know whom we recognize. Instead, we just send the information, if the biometric features in the stored template and the ones in the incoming image match each other.

Regarding the processing of data, data handling, and storage, we ensure complete transparency. All customers have full access to their data and can view, modify and delete their data and accounts at any time.

Cloud Biometrics:
Our anonymous biometric data is placed in highly secure, client-specific data centers (e.g. in Germany) instead of storing it on more vulnerable client’s devices.

Your biometric data belongs to you and only to you!


We can recognize you, but we don’t know who you are. As a German company following stringent German and European data privacy protection requirements, we take the protection of your data extremely seriously!

How does Face Recognition work?

In addition to our facial recognition technology, which already works with a mask, BioID has developed a patented periocular recognition technology that focuses on identifying a person only via the area around their eyes. Our patented periocular recognition is especially recommended for high-security applications such as healthcare, where partially obscuring the face or wearing a mask is a part of daily work-life.

A multimodal implementation using face and periocular recognition helps to boost the security level and usability regardless of lighting conditions and whether or not a mask is worn.

Made in Germany
since 1998

Face recognition software made in Germany

Originating from the research institute Fraunhofer IIS in 1998, BioID is a German biometrics company.

Our technology has a proven record since its inception and is trusted by countless enterprises, banks, and government organizations.