ARIADNEXT receives FIDO biometric certification powered by BioID liveness detection


ARIADNEXT's FIDO certification powered by BioID liveness detectionNuremberg, Germany and Paris, France –
November 23rd, 2020

Biometrics-as-a-Service developer BioID and ARIADNEXT, a French digital identity provider, today announced their partnership. ARIADNEXT receives FIDO biometric certification powered by BioID liveness detection. BioID’s liveness detection is an integral part of ARIADNEXT’s product “”. Only recently, in November 2020, this solution received one of the first in the world FIDO biometric certifications. In addition to examining facial recognition performance, thorough liveness detection testing was central for the FIDO accreditation according to the standards ISO19795 and ISO 30107. This fraud prevention component is provided by BioID from Germany.


Among the first solutions in the world to receive FIDO biometric certification

Two FIDO-accredited laboratories were involved in testing and evaluating the biometric components of facial matching and liveness detection. The French ELITT, a laboratory specialized in trusted transactions, and LETI ITSEF, a laboratory with an IT security focus. These are jointly accredited by the FIDO Alliance to carry out biometric tests in accordance with FIDO specifications based on the ISO19795 and ISO 30107 standards.

The solution is a reliable and intuitive solution for individuals who want to register for an online service. The accuracy of BioID’s liveness detection was evaluated with hundreds of spoofing attacks carried out using a variety of materials, including photo prints on different media, 3D avatars, and video projection.

“The collaboration with BioID enables us to provide an even higher level of assurance through comprehensive face anti-spoofing methods in”, says Marc Norlain, General Director at ARIADNEXT. “A sophisticated certification procedure like that of FIDO gives our customers another objective reason for trusting our solutions.”


Liveness Detection for anti-spoofing in identity verification

BioID Liveness Detection requires only two selfies taken during a remote onboarding process like ARIADNEXT’s. The FIDO-tested technology ensures they were captured from a live person. Fakes like photos, videos, or masks are reliably detected to ensure the integrity of the registration process. BioID’s Liveness Detection works with any standard camera, hence is perfect for end-user applications.

“It is great to support ARIADNEXT’s FIDO biometric component certification with our liveness detection.”, says BioID CEO Ho Chang. “Both companies share a common vision that a trusted identity is the basis for a secure cyber community. This FIDO-certified solution is a major step in this direction.”




ARIADNEXT is the leading European provider of digital identification services. By providing fully automated solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, ARIADNEXT offers companies and governments the opportunity to instantly build trusting relationships with their consumers and citizens. These solutions enable them to meet regulatory challenges and anti-fraud requirements while focusing on customer experience and digital transformation. To date, ARIADNEXT’s solutions have already attracted more than 300 customers in Europe.
Learn more about FIDO criteria for PAD testing and certification in our blog article on Liveness Detection Certification.


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