Biometrics in Healthcare

Access control for healthcare facilities, hospitals & telemedicine apps

Woman in healthcare doing biometrics check

Face recognition provides a convenient and secure means for healthcare professionals as well as patients, whether or not wearing a medical mask, in both physical and logical as well as medical device access control, particularly in a multi-user environment.

In addition, it also enables secure remote access to protect sensitive healthcare data.

Woman in healthcare doing biometrics check

Eye Recognition with or without a Mask

Benefits of Healthcare Secured by BioID

biometrics in healthcare is regulatory compliant

Regulatory Compliant

  • Applicable national healthcare regulatory compliance (e.g. HIPPA)
  • GDPR compliant
Biometrics in healthcare is cost efficient

Cost Effective

  • Multichannel usage with one software: remote, on-site, device
  • No additional hardware (e.g. cards)
  • Self-service reduces support efforts
biometrics in healthcare is secure

Trusted & Secure

  • All user groups inclusive
  • Robust for fast access
  • High performance reduces human errors

Healthcare-Friendly Access Control

people in healthcare can do biometric authentications

Biometric use cases in healthcare are far-reaching with a variety of users including healthcare professionals, patients, as well as technical staff. These use cases are such as:

  • Medical system access control
  • Self-service patient administration
  • Treatment center administration
  • Automated dispenser cabinet administration

Most use cases in healthcare share a few common requirements as follows:

  • Easy to use for all types of users
  • Easy to deploy for all types of use case environments
  • Must be compliant with applicable national healthcare regulations

BioID facilitates healthcare use cases for all user groups without compromise in terms of security and convenience. Not only does it allow fast access, its high and accurate performance greatly eliminates costly devices and reduces unnecessary human errors.

More Use Cases

healthcare and biometrics work with app

BWS offers match-on-server face login for online and mobile services enabling omnichannel services.

work from home for biometric authentication

User authentication and user presence detection for remote work ensuring session integrity allowing authorized access only.

kyc with biometrics also for healthcare

ID ownership verification as part of Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulatory requirements preventing identity frauds.

Identity verification online with photoverify for access control

Secure and convenient physical and logical access control enabling an unified multifactor user authentication across different platforms.