periocular eye recognition for health care with masks

Health Care - Adding convenience to security:
Be recognized with only your eyes!

Fast and reliable identity proofing and access management in the health care sector is crucial, where mere minutes’ delay can have life-altering consequences. Various groups of personnel are involved and require different permissions. Hospitals and insurance companies handle what many people consider the most sensitive of all personal data, which must be secured from misuse.

Traditional face recognition can be very inconvenient in hospitals, since medical masks are commonly worn and obscure part of the face. Instead of the inconvenience and risk of removing masks, BioID eye (periocular) recognition only requires detecting a small part of the face. Thus, the system is applicable in a much greater number of use cases and for an enhanced range of user groups. Additionally, eye recognition is even less sensitive to lighting and changes in appearance, thus making the recognition process even more accurate and reliable. By simply looking into a camera, doctors or nurses can unlock patient data, get access to special medication, restricted areas or activate medical machinery.

Reduce identity fraud

  • Prevent identity fraud and know who the patient really is
  • Stop repeat offenders: flag blacklisted people who use different names

Cut costs

  • Fewer personnel for check-in, access control, manual medicine dispensing
  • No new hardware: uses low-cost tablet, or camera on user’s phone

Save time, increase convenience

  • Grant fast and intuitive access to assigned personnel
  • Easy user experience for all channels: just take a selfie

For health care providers, it is also important to verify patient identity for insurance purposes. This can be done through BioID PhotoVerify. This feature of the BioID Web Service verifies whether a person matches their photo ID within seconds, so fraud or identity misuse can be substantially reduced. The Software as a Service can be easily integrated and adapted to special applications, with strong and intuitive face recognition through a standard webcam or smartphone camera.