BioID’s partners enjoy an effective SaaS business model with our solution BWS

BioID’s partners enjoy the full range of the BWS at a cost effective SaaS business model to grow their business. BWS makes partner solutions distinguished and competitive while meeting compliance requirements where BWS is applicable. Meanwhile, through a constructive joint partnership, BWS helps expand or open up new market opportunities for partners with success.

BioID’s partners enjoy an effective SaaS business model with our solution BWS

BioID Partner Testimonials

BioID Partner from Digidentity CEO Marcel Wendt

Marcel Wendt

Founder & CTO of Digidentity

“We are proud to partner with BioID for the best-in-class remote identity verification for our Digidentity Wallet. We offer organisations an easy and secure way to verify their users. Part of the verification is the ‘selfie check’ where we check if the person on the selfie sent to us is the same person as on the photo on the chip of the ID document. By working together with BioID, we can further automate this process, providing a face-to-face level of assurance with liveness detection. Making sure the person on the other side is really who they say they are with facial recognition.”

BioID Partner GLUU CEO Mike Schwartz

Mike Schwartz

Founder &  CEO of GLUU

“BioID has been a longstanding partner of ours and we use BioID every single day to get into our GLUU-server.

It really knows who I am!”

BioID Partner Comcorp CFO Daniel Isaacs

Daniel Isaacs

Group CFO at Comcorp

“Comcorp has been partners with BioID for over 3 years now and we continue to choose BioID as our Trusted Biometric Partner. Partnering with BioID has allowed us to ensure that we are able to provide our customers with the required level of security and fraud prevention technology while also ensuring a smooth user experience.”