A biometric identity proofing collaboration between BioID and POS AG

Prepaid SIM card activation – anytime, anywhere


BioID biometrics for self-service prepaid SIM card activationNuremberg, Germany and Braunau am Inn, Austria – June 18, 2019

Biometrics-as-a-Service provider BioID announced today their integration into POS AG’s remote biometric identity proofing for prepaid SIM card self-activation. The Austrian software development company is an innovator for the digitization of business processes, now entering the market of ID verification. By using BioID PhotoVerify, POS AG offers a full remote identity proofing workflow including biometric capability for determining the ownership of an ID document. This collaboration is set to deliver a solution for the new requirements European telephone companies must meet for prepaid SIM card activation. BioID’s technology ensures user presence and validates ID ownership effectively through face recognition with high assurance levels.

Automated verification of ID ownership

When checking the credentials of individuals to make sure they are who they claim to be, human interaction long was the only way to go. In a world of growing automation and a strong need for online fraud prevention, new solutions are on the rise. For remote identity proofing a first step to be taken is to check the authenticity of the presented ID document, e.g. passports, driver’s licenses etc. Biometrics then comes in for determining the ownership of the presented ID documents. With POS AG’s automated solution, the submitting person bypasses the cumbersome situation of seeing a designated agent in person or doing a video-chat with trained personnel for identification. POS AG’s workflow for prepaid SIM card self-activation is simple and real-time.

“POS AG aims at complementing the identity proofing market with a total solution that reliably determines not only that the ID is genuine but also that it belongs to the submitting person.”, says POS AG’s CEO Bernt Vossebein. ”User experience, security, and reliability were the main factors for choosing the German company BioID as a partner to win the market.”

BioID’s proprietary technology PhotoVerify combines liveness detection & face recognition to check the legitimate user’s presence requiring only two selfies. This process works with any device and any off-the-shelf camera. Anti-spoofing liveness detection is the strength of the BioID Web Service to prevent frauds using photos, videos or masks. With BioID’s PhotoVerify, service providers can be sure that the person submitting an ID is actually the owner of the ID. Therefore, BioID’s technology is an important factor in any automated identity verification solution.

“PhotoVerify was explicitly designed to solve the last mile of the online identity proofing for use cases like POS AG’s prepaid SIM card activation service.”, says BioID CEO Ho Chang. “This collaboration enables a cost efficient and most importantly accurate solution with frictionless user experience.”



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