Zero Footprint Secure Cloud Biometrics</p>
<p>Why it is Good to have your Head in the Clouds with Sustainable AI

Zero Footprint Secure Cloud Biometrics

Why it is Good to Have Your Head in the Clouds with Sustainable AI

Nuremberg – September 28th, 2023
The intersection of AI and climate innovations are re-defining the rules of business.

Developing new business strategies, with a focus on a future with sustainability is necessary.

Climate change and artificial intelligence are reshaping our world.

AI is accelerating everything, enabling individuals with creative capabilities that once thought impossible to automate. And climate change is forcing us to examine the environmental impact of every business decision.
This is where the terms sustainable AI and “Zero Footprint” come in.

The term “Zero Footprint” refers to the idea of minimizing or completely eliminating a particular impact or presence.
The terminology “Zero Footprint” can be used from both a technical and an environmental point of view.

Software as a Service (SaaS) zero footprint can refer to cloud-based applications or systems that do not require installation on a user’s device. This means that the software runs entirely in a web browser or a remote server, eliminating the need for local installation, which can reduce the consumption of device resources and storage.

Taking it from there, zero footprint Biometrics as a Service (BaaS) refers to a cloud-based solution that enables the use of biometric technology without requiring any physical infrastructure or on-premises installations.

This type of service allows organizations to leverage biometric authentication and identification capabilities without the need for dedicated hardware or software installations at their premises. The term “Zero Footprint” implies that there is no physical footprint or infrastructure needed to deploy and use the biometric software. Instead, the solution is accessed and utilized through a web-based interface or application programming interfaces (APIs) provided by the SaaS provider.

From an environmental standpoint, “Zero Footprint” is often associated with sustainable practices and minimizing the impact of human activities on the environment. It represents efforts to reduce or offset any negative environmental consequences.

Consequently, BioID’s Zero Footprint Web Service – BWS – is our solution to both technical and environmental initiatives aimed at minimizing or eliminating resource consumption, emissions, waste, or other negative consequences to achieve more sustainable and environmentally friendly outcomes.

The BioID Web Service – our Solution for secure Cloud Biometrics

BioID’s biometric services are offered as Software as a Service. The biometric data used for the operation is anonymously transferred to a cloud. Cloud biometrics, therefore, enhance our client’s infrastructure’s security without the need for cumbersome installations or maintenance of on-premises software.

The benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS) contribute to sustainability and zero footprint through several additional factors:

– Reduce commuting and transportation: By enabling remote authentication and identity verification, BaaS reduces the need for individuals to physically travel to access services or perform tasks that require identification. Employees who need access to sensitive company resources can also benefit from biometric authentication for remote work. This results in fewer vehicles on the road, reduced fuel consumption, and lower emissions.

– Automated processes: Biometric authentication streamlines and automates various processes, eliminating the need for paper-based or manual identity verification methods. This reduction in paperwork and manual handling leads to lower resource consumption, including paper, ink, and energy.

Software as a Service (SaaS) contributes to sustainability and zero footprint by minimizing or eliminating resource consumption, emissions, waste, or other negative consequences to achieve more sustainable and environmentally friendly outcomes.

– 24/7 business models like smart stores: Biometric technology enables automated authentication, which supports 24/7 business models such as smart stores. These stores can operate without the need for human personnel to be physically present, reducing human resources and energy consumption associated with traditional operating hours. 

– eWallet concept: BaaS is often integrated with eWallets, which allow secure and convenient digital transactions. By replacing physical cash or cards with biometric authentication, eWallets minimize the need for printing and distributing paper currency or plastic cards, reducing waste and resource consumption. 
By sending captured images to our BioID Web Service, all biometric functions like Liveness Detection, ID Ownership Verification, or Enroll and Verify (Authentication) are processed entirely inside without leaving our cloud. 

This enables strong authentication, fraud prevention, and automated identity verification that is device-independently accessible.

BioID meets InnoHikes

2nd round of InnoHikes under new motto “Innovation & Sustainability” – BioID designs scavenger hunt for InnoHikes App.
BioID is humbled to be an InnoHikes partner among many prestigious companies with a worldly reputation, such as Siemens, Fraunhofer IIS, and Datev to name a few.

We are contributing an exciting challenge to this year’s ‘Innovation x Sustainability’ topic namely, ‘Secure Zero Footprint Cloud Biometrics’Why it is Good to have your Head in the Clouds!

The Sustainability Charter from the United Nations with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals 2030 forms the basis for this 2nd Hike. More than 150 quiz questions and over 50 challenges await you on the thematic frame of Innovation and Sustainability whilst earning your way to points, raffle tickets, and badges.

The Sustainability Charter from the United Nations with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals 2030

Level up your Career!


Acquire new knowledge, discover career opportunities in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region, and win great prizes.
With an area of 21,800 square kilometers, the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region is half the size of Switzerland.

Though the mountains don’t soar four kilometers into the sky, it’s still worth exploring this innovative landscape.
There are 23 counties and eleven independent cities located between the Frankenhoehe and the Fichtelgebirge regions, offering a plethora of notable business and research achievements waiting to be discovered.

Thanks to ‘InnoHikes’, young professionals and anyone interested can easily “hike” their way to exciting knowledge, future-oriented fields of study, exceptional job prospects, and attractive prizes. The hybrid scavenger hunt is based on an app. In couch potato mode, the challenges are solved at home; in hiker mode, the hikers take on the tasks on-site.

Sustainable AI in BioID’s new InnoHikes App Challenge

Quiz, hike, and win


The InnoHikes app’s motto sums it up: The Nuremberg metropolitan region is one of the most innovative regions in Europe with excellent career opportunities.

Millions of people feel at home here and many of them are passionate about researching and developing future technologies. The InnoHikes app presents professional topics such as artificial intelligence, quantum computers, and automation through informative stories, varied challenges, videos, and augmented reality.

The more entries you submit, the higher your chances of winning an e-mountain bike and other prizes. Earn your personal InnoHikes certificate and get an additional job application bonus with our recruiters.

Find out about sustainable AI in BioID’s new InnoHikes App challenge starting in October 2023!

Download the InnoHikes App for free from Google Play or the App Store and join the sustainable scavenger hunt in the Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg.

We hope you have a great time hiking and good luck in the competition!

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