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BioID Deepfake Detection 2.0

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Nuremberg, Germany – March 4th, 2024 – BioID, a leading provider of biometric authentication solutions, is proud to announce the release of its updated deepfake detection technology 2.0.  

Responding to the growing global concern of cybercrimes using deepfake technology for deception and fraud, BioID was among the first in the industry to introduce deepfake detection as an integral part of its liveness detection API in 2023. 

This solution harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI), to counter the most recent cybersecurity menace posed by manipulated images and videos e.g., deepfake media across online platforms. In today’s digital landscape, the rise of deepfake technology poses significant challenges to the authenticity and integrity of visual content. In various contexts, including journalism, entertainment, and personal relationships, deepfakes have the potential to deceive and manipulate viewers through the use of artificial intelligence algorithms.

BioID Deepfake Detection technology is specifically designed to secure digital identity verification from fraud. It discerns whether a face found in an image or video is a deepfake/AI-generated/-manipulated, or is an original photo. This critical capability helps prevent criminals from overcoming digital identity verification by impersonating someone or taking over someone’s identity using a deepfake to gain unlawful access or financial gains. 

BioID has incorporated its Deepfake Detection technology into the existing BioID Software as a Service, specifically the Liveness Detection API. This integration enhances BioID’s anti-spoofing offering, combining Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) and Deepfake Detection capabilities.  As a result, BioID’s partners – leading identity providers worldwide – using BioID’s Liveness Detection, automatically benefit from this powerful feature to enhance their security offerings and mitigate deepfakes. 

 The availability of BioID Deepfake Detection technology not only strengthens security measures, such as making sure you are interacting with the person you want to talk to in online meetings, but also opens up new avenues to combat scams, hoaxes, financial fraud, fake news videos, and more.

“Our mission at BioID is to provide solutions that enhance security and trust in digital environments,” said Ho Chang, CEO at BioID. “With the release of BioID Deepfake Detection 2.0, we are empowering individuals and organizations to protect themselves against the harmful effects of deepfake technology.” 

Ongoing research is being conducted to develop methods for directly detecting deepfakes in photos and videos. As part of this effort, BioID is collaborating with an AI security research consortium that is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). 

BioID is using its propriety anti-spoofing technologies and biometric expertise to advance the three-year FAKE-ID Deepfake Detection Research. 

The FAKE-ID consortium has a primary goal of developing an AI-powered deepfake detection software. The consortium studies deepfakes and investigates the procedures involved in their creation to create generative AI detection algorithms. The deepfake detectors will serve as a supportive mechanism for legislative purposes and can also be employed to remotely verify identities. The consortium is also taking into account the legal and ethical implications of detection software and how it impacts individuals’ rights and society as a whole. 

Key Features of BioID Deepfake Detection 2.0 include:

  • Easy-to-integrate API to enhance any online service 
  • Prevention of identity spoofing through deepfakes, AI-manipulated and AI-generated content
  • Real-time analysis and feedback on photos and videos
  • Automatically included for all BioID liveness detection users

BioID is offering a free deepfake detection test tool via its Playground: Playground Overview

For more information about BioID Deepfake Detection and how it can help protect your organization against the threat of digitally manipulated media, visit DeepFake Detection

About BioID: 

BioID is a leading provider of biometric authentication solutions, offering innovative identity verification technologies such as ISO-compliant liveness detection, facial authentication & biometric identity ownership verification. With a focus on continuous innovation and research, BioID is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of today’s digital landscape enhancing security, privacy, and user experience.  

With 25 years of experience, its special focus is on biometric anti-spoofing Made in Germany. In line with this, the company’s facial authentication service offers data privacy and security by design. BioID is guided by the vision to enable software-based biometric verification – with any device or application. The privately held company with R&D based in Germany has proven its biometric technology through many years of use at enterprises, banks, and government organizations.