BioID Playground: Online Demo for face, eye and voice recognition

The BioID Playground allows you to have fun with face recognition and test our BioID Web Service (BWS). You can check out our biometric recognition service without downloading and installing any software. With exploring our demo, you can learn about user authentication with face, eye and voice recognition.


Our Playground allows you to find out how quick and easy our authentication web service works. You only need a web browser, a webcam and, if you’d like to check out voice recognition, a microphone. Then you can try out our demo!


In addition, you can combine multimodal face, eye and voice biometrics. These traits can either be tested individually or in combination. The usage of our online software - the BioID voice, eye and facial recognition Web Service (BWS) - is absolutely free for personal use!


Simply register for a BioID account and enrol your face, so our system can recognize you. Then you can perform different biometric operations like verification or identification. If we verify you, we recognize, whether you are the same person, that is enrolled (1:1). If we identify you, we check your biometric data against all others (1:N). With our mobile app you can also easily try out facial recognition and can even integrate with your own applications within minutes.


Playground face recognition demo online

BioID Playground

Please follow the link above to enter our BioID Web Service Playground and try out face recognition and multimodal biometrics.

BioID Developer Documentation

You can skim through the API documentation and find details on the SOAP and RESTful Web API. Details on the integration of our service with only a few lines of code can be found on Github.

BioID Mobile App

Our mobile App can be used for testing our service on Android and iOS. Integrated into your services, it can be used as a multipurpose mobile authenticator.