Online Face Recognition Software – The BioID Playground

  • Test biometric operations like face recognition, eye recognition and liveness detection
  • Try out sample applications like Pic4Pass and PhotoVerify
  • Get familiar with the process of biometric recognition
  • Find out, how well we recognize you!

Online face recognition & liveness detection software

After you’ve enrolled and thus trained the system how you look, you can try out how well we can recognize you. The biometric operations you can test include multimodal eye and face recognition software as well as face live detection. Try out Challenge-Response for additional security against spoofing. Just imagine not needing passwords or TAN-lists anymore because you can simply take a selfie for highly reliable multifactor authentication! Check out how quick and easy you can be recognized.
face recognition software
face recognition api

BWS Web API demo

The BioID face recognition APIs can be tested here. Developers, who want to integrate biometric software into their applications can get a simplified access to our APIs and investigate our workflow. You can test the eye recognition and facial recognition API as well as other biometric functionalities like liveness detection online. For full access to the BioID Web Service please request a trial instance.

PhotoVerify ID photo validation for ID checks

Nowadays, identity proofing can be done without timely manual ID checking. Therefore, we use our face identifier for comparing your live images with the photo on your ID document. This way, we can perform identity checks through determining whether you are the owner of the presented ID. Such an ID check is important for onboarding and authentication in KYC applications, e.g. in the financial industry. PhotoVerify is secured with face live detection to guarantee user presence and prevent identity fraud. Test our ID photo validation and contact us for questions!
facial recognition software
pic for id

Pic4Pass for creating biometric photos for free

Here you can get an ICAO compliant pic for ID or passport for free. Our quality check and cropping algorithms provide you with biometric images you can use on any ID document. Simply register with BioID and get your ID images for free on the BioID Playground. You can upload or take live images. Choose the country the ID document is issued for and receive a ready-to-print output right away. This functionality was formerly known as Pic4Pass and is now integrated in the BioID Playground.

BWS File Upload for photo facial recognition

In some cases, you might not want to use live images for testing biometrics. Also, you might want to test our system’s accuracy with a whole control sample. Please use our BWS file upload photo facial recognition to do so. You can perform a quality check with the uploaded files and see, if these are ICAO compliant and could be used for a biometric passport image for instance.
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