Work from Home Office with Biometrics

Remote work access verification for data security

work from home user login remote

Seamless biometric authentication for employees who work from home to protect sensitive customer data and prevent unauthorized access. Bring IT security home with secure identity verification, rather than cumbersome processes that disrupt user workflows or cause privacy issues.

work from home user login remote

Remote Data Security with BioID

WFH access control that is seamless & flexible

Hourglass with a lock for safety and time efffectiveness in work from home data security

Strong user authentication ensures authorized access

Icons of a phone and a laptop that represent the independence of devices for software authentication with BioID

No special hardware is required

user presence during work from home with liveness detection

User presence ensures session integrity

Icon showing a person with a mask that is crossed out representing prohibition of identity fraud

Multiple user detection prevents inappropriate screen viewing


Biometric Authentication for

Work from Home & Remote Access

Effective session control based on user presence


Icon showing authentication with two selfies

1-2 snapshots are captured in random intervals


Icon showing face recognition on laptop through camera

Face recognition with liveness detection is carried out


Icon showing successful user authentication with a green check mark

Session control continues based on the physical presence of the same authorized user only, preventing someone else from looking over the shoulder

Work from home office through access control

Safeguarding sensitive work data from home is not just nice to have but a necessity 

IT security is a real challenge when it comes to remote access, especially for work from home.

The challenge applies to both – the company and the employees, maintaining GDPR compliance without compromising on data security and system integrity.

Home office biometrics effectively ensure the authenticity of the remote access throughout the entire session, while protecting the remote user’s privacy by means of user consent via liveness detection.

Furthermore, thanks to BioID’s multiple face detection, makes looking-over-the-shoulder scenarios less of a concern. Seamless facial authentication with standard cameras, which can be set up without much effort or investment in IT infrastructure, ensures wide applicability and consequently, acceptance.

Test our biometrics and discover how easily you can safeguard confidential data while working from home.

Work From Home is a New Norm

work from home office remote access with computer verification

During the COVID-19 outbreak, most companies needed to send their personnel home for working remotely. This happened with great pressure and little time to build up a secure work from home IT environment.

In order to access company resources, only authorized employees may be granted access during the entire remote session. 

Thanks to BioID’s strong facial recognition service and liveness detection, working from home can be provided with security solutions that are becoming the industry standard.

Flexible and secure work from home frameworks are now the new norm and part of IT infrastructure.

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More Use Cases

facial recognition app for work from home office

BWS offers
face login for online
and mobile services enabling omnichannel services.

kyc with biometrics also in 24/7 self service at home

ID ownership verification as part of Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulatory requirements preventing identity frauds.

access control for work from home

Secure and convenient physical and logical access control enabling an unified multifactor user authentication across different platforms.

esign in work from home

“Face-to-face” registration and strong user authentication enabling eIDAS compliant digital signatures.