BioID Web Service for Biometric Authentication

Secure cloud Biometrics as a Service

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BWS offers face and periocular recognition (1:1 and 1:N), liveness detection, photo matching, and more. It enables easy integration into any existing infrastructure using API with complete anonymity of the biometric data. BioID’s Classic BWS supports restful APIs, making conventional software development kit (SDK) unnecessary. The next generation ‘BWS 3.0’ will be docker-based with gRPC bringing the latest standard to the markets.

Woman touches BioID Web Service

Benefits of the BioID Web Service

The BioID Web Service has user-friendly APIs

Easy to use API

  • Easy-to-use APIs: SOAP or REST. gRPC upcoming
  • Customizable sample codes and ready-to-use GUI
  • Comprehensive online developer documentation directly available on-site
The BioID Web Service has a management portal

Extensive Service Management Portal

  • Service dashboard with statistics and reports
  • Service configuration, e.g. client creation and management
  • User and access rights management
The BioID Web Service has secure communication

Best Practice Secure Communication

  • Secure data transfer using strong TLS/SSL encryption
  • All communication endpoints are secured
  • Access control with X.509 client certificates (SOAP) or app tokens (REST)
The BioID Web Service is privacy by design

Privacy by Design

  • Pseudonymized “Class ID”: Separation of biometric data from other personally identifiable information
  • No image logging resulting in zero footprint transactions
  • Strong end-to-end encryption of data and transport
The BioID Web Service is a cloud SaaS

Cloud-based by Design

  • Cost effective, pay-per-use SaaS subscription models for best user experience
  • Available everywhere, anytime, on any device

  • No setup fees
The BioID Web Service offers anti-spoofing security by design

Security by Design

  • Anti-spoofing by means of liveness detection and deepfake detection
  • Certified development and service infrastructure
  • ISO/IEC 27001 certified

BioID Web Service APIs

BioID Web Service active liveness detection demonstration

Liveness Detection

“Are you really there?”

ISO 30107 compliant liveness detection (presentation attack detection) against replay attacks and deepfakes, preventing fraud simply through nodding.

BioID Web Service passive liveness detection demo

Liveness Detection

“Are you really there?”

Passive liveness detection is a fraud detection method that does not require any specific actions from the user. Includes deepfake detection.
BioID Web Service video live detection demo

Live Detection

“Is this video recorded live?”

Live detection by uploading a video file to determine whether the video was recorded from a live person or not.

BioID Web Service deepfake detection


Is this a Deepfake or an AI Photo?”

Deepfake Detection discerns whether a face found in an image or video is a deepfake, or has been AI-generated/-manipulated.

BioID Web Service identity proofing PhotoVerify demonstration


“Are you the ID owner?”

Automated verification of ID ownership through high-accuracy comparison of a live image against an ID photo, e.g. for identity verification when opening a bank account

BioID Web Service includes identity verification check


“Are you who you say you are?”

1:1 face recognition for biometric authentication. Used for online login, identity proofing, transaction authorization, etc.

BioID Web Service includes enrollment


“How can I recognize you?”

Registration and training
of facial features necessary for follow-on
recognition operations

BioID Web Service includes identification


“Who are you?” or “Are you on the list?”

1:N face matching for detecting duplicates or users of special interest (e.g. database search), for online registration, account recovery, etc.

BioID Web Serivce includes periocular recognition


“Are you who you say you are behind the mask?”

Patented periocular recognition, which recognizes a person through the area around their eyes. Used for applications where the mouth and nose may be covered by face masks. 

BIoID Web Service includes passport photo quality check

Quality Check

„Does your image comply with
ICAO & ISO/IEC standards?“

High-precision image quality check to ICAO & ISO/IEC standards for biometric passports, driver’s licenses, ID photos, etc.

Did you know? You can try all our products in a safe live mode on the BioID Playground!

Biometric Authentication Web Service

Powerful APIs easily implemented

BioID Biometric Authentication Web Service with easy APIs

BioID Web Service (BWS) – the world’s first Biometrics as a Service – is the product that powers a great variety of biometric authentication use cases. Independent from a platform and device, BWS is geared towards application developers of any service or software with access to the internet. BWS has been developed as a cloud service, clearly focusing on the principles of privacy by design and security by design.

Offered as an API service, the BioID Web Service can be easily integrated into any existing application infrastructure. Biometric data is kept anonymous to protect user privacy and is completely under the control of the service provider. As a cloud service, it is extremely scalable to meet any performance and storage requirements, making it available at all times and applicable for a wide range of usage scenarios.

Users are managed in BWS through anonymity by means of pseudonymized ID, providing privacy-protecting separation of biometric data and other personally identifying information. BWS is fully compliant with EU GDPR and similar regulations through strong data protection and pseudonymized data handling.

Integration is simple and flexible with no software to install or maintain, so developers can concentrate on their application development.

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Made in Germany
since 1998

BioID Web Service made in Germany

Originating from the research institute Fraunhofer IIS in 1998, BioID is a German biometrics company.

Our technology has a proven record since its inception and is trusted by countless enterprises, banks, and government organizations.