a man standing next to a shield and cloud symbolizing the new release of BWS 3 gRPC with Advanced Technology

Unveiling the Future – Official Release of BWS 3 gRPC with Advanced Technology

Integrating advanced biometric functionalities to prevent fraud with streamlined user experience and enhanced security.

This new version integrates advanced functionalities and modern technologies designed to enhance your biometric experience and streamline your workflows.

What’s New in BWS 3?

1. Comprehensive Biomeric Scores:

Classic: In the Classic BWS, liveness detection provided a binary output – “live” or “fake”.

New: BWS 3 introduces biometric scores – among them a “Liveness score” – offering a more nuanced assessment. Instead of confirming whether a sample is live, you will now receive a score between 0-1 (e.g., Score: 0.80326 – This was live!), providing deeper insights into the verification process.

Testing new biometric score feature with liveness detection on BioID playground

2. High-Performance gRPC Framework – Advanced Technology:

Classic: Communication relies on traditional SOAP and REST API protocols.

New: Say hello to faster and more reliable Remote Procedure Call (gRPC) communication between software components and BWS 3.  gRPC is a powerful framework for building efficient and scalable microservices. Its use of modern protocols, serialisation formats, and support for various programming languages and streaming capabilities, makes it a preferred choice for developers looking to build high-performance microservices architectures. By adhering to best practices, developers can leverage gRPC to create robust, maintainable, and scalable systems. As we use the gRPC framework for communication, the API is specified by a Protobuf file (see gRPC API), which defines the interface and its underlying message interchange format. BWS 3 leverages the latest .NET, utilizes Docker Containers for streamlined deployment and employs the gRPC framework for efficient software communication. This ensures that our service is faster, more scalable, and easier to integrate.

3. Real-Time Service Updates:

Classic: The Classic BWS receives regular updates typically within weeks.

New: One of the major benefits of BWS 3 is that service updates, quality checks and new features occur in real-time. This ensures that you always have access to the latest features and improvements without experiencing any downtime or interruptions in service.

4. Modern Authentication:

Classic: Traditional authentication methods are used.

New: BWS 3 now uses JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for authentication. This modern approach enhances security and efficiency, providing a robust mechanism for authenticating users and services.

Why Upgrade to BWS 3?

  • Enhanced Features: The introduction of the biometric scores and detailed API operation feedback facilitates a more accurate and reliable biometric verification process.
  • High Performance: gRPC is a powerful framework for building efficient and scalable microservices. The gRPC framework ensures faster communication between your software components and BWS 3, significantly improving overall performance.
  • Scalability and Modernity: Built on the .NET and utilizing Kubernetes system (Docker Containers), BWS 3 is designed for modern applications, ensuring that your systems are future-proof.
  • Improved Security: With JWT authentication, your data and processes are more secure conforming to the industry best practices.

How to Get Started

Sign up for our BWS 3 trial today for this special offer. This is your chance to explore the powerful new features and see how they can benefit your applications.

Upgrade now to a faster, more secure, and more efficient biometric solution. Join us in the next generation of biometric technology powered by BWS 3.

For more details and to start your trial or integration, visit our website or contact our support team.

We are here to help you elevate your biometric solutions with BWS 3!

Special Incentive for early Adopters

In celebration of the launch of BWS 3. we are offering an exclusive incentive for our early adopters. You can enjoy up to three months of trial access with 1,000 API calls per month using our new gRPC framework*. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience BWS 3 firsthand and see how it can revolutionize your biometric solutions.

* One-time-only per customer.


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