Identity Verification Online with PhotoVerify

An API for automated biometric verification of ID ownership, and more.

Online identity verification with BioID PhotoVerify on phone API

Validate ownership of an ID document by matching the ID photo with a selfie captured from the camera, with or without liveness detection. This ensures that the person is present, preventing the use of a stolen ID. Use cases include online identity verification for digital customer onboarding, eKYC, eSigning, and more. It can also be used as an 1:1 verification “on-the-fly” without prior enrollment, as well as generic face/photo matching, etc.

Online identity verification with BioID PhotoVerify on phone API

How does the Online Identity Verification with PhotoVerify work?

ID Ownership Validation in 3 Steps


For identity verification online take a picture of your ID on your phone camera

Capture ID Photo

Photograph the ID photo on the ID document with a camera or digitally via NFC.


With identity verification online service photoverify 1 click makes 2 selfies

Capture 2 Selfies

Take two selfies for the algorithm to process the validation.


To use identity verification online your ID photo will be checked

Verify ID

Given the ID photo and two selfies, the sophisticated algorithm verifies (1) whether the person is physically in front of the camera and (2) whether the ID photo and the selfies are showing the same person.

Key Benefits of PhotoVerify as an Identity Verification Online Service

Convenient user experience identity verification online photoverify

User Experience:
Identity verification as simple
and convenient as taking a selfie.

Cost-effective identity verification online photoverify

Time & Cost Effective:
Reduce costs of manual review
with self-service identity verification.

Biometric accuracy with identity verification online photoverify

AI Performance:
Best-in-class biometric accuracy
at high assurance levels reducing human errors.

Identity verification online photoverify is gdpr compliant

Regulatory Compliances:
KYC/AML, GDPR compliant and

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Use Cases

KYC with biometrics for identity verification online photoverify


ID ownership verification for online banking and digital onboarding.

Identity verification online with photoverify for eSign authentication


Electronic document signing and online legal transactions.

Identity verification online photoverify for pension administration

Pension Administration

“Proof of life” verification for welfare recipients of pensions and benefits.

Identity verification online with photoverify for access control

Access Control

Regulate access through biometric authentication with high security and convenience.

Why choose Online Identity Verification with PhotoVerify

Reasons for Identity verification online with PhotoVerify

For today’s digital onboarding processes, automated identity proofing is essential and requires a 24/7 availability offer with a guaranteed seamless user experience.

In addition, more and more services have to stay compliant with KYC and AML regulations. Traditional face-to-face identity verifications, either in person or online with an agent, are costly and cannot always be performed seamlessly in real-time. These obstacles result in inefficient business operations and sometimes revenue loss due to poor user experience and performance.

The PhotoVerify API service was designed to specifically address the concerns listed above. Today, governmental services, fintech, and other service providers and businesses around the world trust and rely on our technology. PhotoVerify also enables many new use cases not possible before, such as high-value delivery services, Bring Your Own ID, and many other.

Made in Germany
since 1998

BioID Web Service made in Germany

Originating from the research institute Fraunhofer IIS in 1998, BioID is a German biometrics company.

Our technology has a proven record since its inception and is trusted by countless enterprises, banks, and government organizations.