Access Control

Biometric authentication for secure & convenient access control

woman using access control with phone authentication

Grant access only to people who are actually authorized. Biometric access control enhances enterprise security by regulating physical access while making entry as easy as taking a selfie for authorized personnel.

Access control with biometric authentication via smartphone

Benefits of Biometric Access Control

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Trusted & Secure

  • Multifactor authentication: face + phone + geolocation
  • Strong biometrics with liveness detection
  • Resistant to identity theft
    (e.g. through deepfakes) and prohibited account sharing
Access control is cost effective and saves money

Cost Effective

  • Multichannel usage with one software 
  • Eliminates cost and management of key cards or hardware tokens and expensive access terminals
  • Works with BYOD or centralized devices
Access control is easy and convenient with only using everyday devices

Simple & Convenient

  • Eye recognition for users wearing medical or other covers over the mouth and nose
  • Multipurpose: can also be used for single sign-on for network access
  • 24/7 self-service

Instead of the administrative burden of token/key card management or relying on difficult and easy-to-share passwords, innovative companies may now replace or complement this with their users’ unique features.

How Physical Access Control with Biometrics works


Access control with selfie


An employee takes a facial selfie with the camera in the access terminal or through a smartphone. The captured picture is processed as an anonymous, irreversible binary template.


Access control with biometric face match


Through the comparison of the biometric templates, our software knows within seconds and with high accuracy whether a person is authorized to enter.


Access control with liveness and deepfake detection

Liveness Detection

Identity theft, forgery, and spoofing or deepfake attacks (through photos, masks, video replays, etc.) are prevented thanks to the authentication process by BioID’s patented Liveness Detection.

More Use Cases

Access control with facial recognition app

BWS offers match-on-server face login for online and mobile services enabling omnichannel services.

Access control in work from home

User authentication and user presence detection for remote work ensuring session integrity allowing authorized access only.

Access control with phone for kyc

ID ownership verification as part of Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulatory requirements preventing identity frauds.

Access control for esign

“Face-to-face” registration and strong user authentication enabling eIDAS compliant digital signatures.