Biometric authentication with face recognition by BioID

Face recognition & liveness detection

Biometric authentication software

Our proprietary biometric authentication service provides you with excellent 3D liveness detection and face recognition capabilities. The BioID Web APIs can be integrated in any mobile or web-based application for seamless user experience and strong authentication. Made in Germany, the anonymous face recognition is GDPR compliant and strengthens your identity proofing with reliable, device independent anti-spoofing. 

No more fraud. No more friction. Just be recognized.

  • Presentation attack detection (PAD)
  • Privacy-assured face recognition
  • Platform & device independent
  • Proprietary multimodal biometric software

Device independent
"Biometrics as a Service"

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  1. Reliable 3D presentation attack detection
  2. Non-intrusive user experience
  3. Supports off-the-shelf cameras
  4. Multiple patents
  1. Periocular recognition around the eyes
  2. Convenience for partly covered faces
  3. Less sensitivity to lighting variations
  4. Patented technology
  1. Automated ID ownership verification
  2. Anti-spoofing liveness detection
  3. No need for video streams
  4. Real-time & frictionless
  • Biometric Physcial Access Control BioID Nuki

    Use case biometric access control Open the door via Nuki Smart Lock and BioID face recognition Working for a keyless future, the Austrian company Nuki offers smart access systems that use mobile solutions as keys. Part of their offer is the Nuki Smart Lock which can be attached easily to existing standard locks. Connected with the Nuki app, such a door can then be opened with just one click on a smartphone or different accessories, like the Nuki Keypad or Nuki Fob. In order to enhance this functionality with another security layer, BioID connected their proprietary facial recognition service for biometric access. Now, BioID’s Nuki-enabled office door can be opened with nothing more than a short gaze into the smartphone’s …[read more]

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Face Recognition Software from Germany

Anonymous face recognition

BioID keeps biometric data pseudonymized with no other personally identifying information (PII) stored. Instead, BioID generates a biometric template as a mathematical representation of the user’s unique features. It cannot be exported, re-engineered or reverse-engineered to its original format. Strict separation of biometrics & personal information generates our strong privacy protection.

Security by Design

For being compliant with EU General Data Protection Law (GDPR), we build our software completely in-house and offer it as a service via European data centres. We also support on-premises installations for companies with special requirements. This makes BioID’s face, eye and voice recognition particularly suitable for industries and applications dealing with highly sensitive data.

Patents in Liveness Detection

BioID’s liveness detection is a powerful anti-spoofing mechanism and prevents data and accounts from being stolen or misused. BioID’s “Privacy by Design” principle considers not only the system’s anonymous data handling and the cloud’s security requirements but also ensures safety against attacks. This device independent presentation attack detection surely makes the difference in any authentication application.
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Use cases for financial services, health care & automotive industry

About BioID®

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