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  • BioID® presenting at Intersec Forum Frankfurt March 23 BioID is honoured to be presenting at the Intersec Forum in Frankfurt on March 23rd, 2018. As part of the exhibition Light+Building, the conference Intersec Forum Smart Access will provide interesting topics in the field of smart access, privacy & cyber security.  

Face recognition, periocular & liveness detection:

Multimodal biometrics software

BioID® offers an anonymous “face-to-face” authentication service with high accuracy and patented liveness detection. We build our multimodal biometrics software completely in-house and offer it as a service that can be easily integrated in any application. BioID®’s face recognition is especially powerful in terms of data privacy and security. Know your customers with confidence by the way they look (face and eyes) and the way they sound!


  • Advanced Anti-Spoofing mechanism
  • Anonymous binary data processing
  • High accuracy face recognition
  • Platform & device independent
  • Multimodality including face, eye and voice

Specialists for safe &
convenient biometrics

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  1. Reliable anti-spoofing
  2. Non-intrusive and natural
  3. Supports off-the-shelf cameras
  4. Patented
  1. Periocular recognition around the eyes
  2. Convenience for partly covered faces
  3. Less sensitivity to lighting variations
  4. Patented
  1. Maximum security & convenience
  2. Versatility with high user acceptance
  3. Single capture of multiple biometrics
  4. Flexible authentication
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Face Recognition Software from Germany

Anonymous face recognition

When carrying out its service, BioID® keeps biometric data anonymous with no personally identifying information stored. Instead, BioID® generates a biometric template as a mathematical representation of the user’s unique features, which cannot be exported, re-engineered or reverse-engineered to its original format. This allows for the highest levels of privacy protection through full anonymity.

Security by Design

For being compliant with EU Data Protection Law, we build our software completely in-house and offer it as a service via both public and private clouds with customer-specific data centres. In particular, BioID® offers an additional service with German cloud provider T-Systems, storing any data safely in Germany. This makes BioID®’s face-, eye and voice recognition particularly suitable for industries and applications dealing with highly sensitive data.

Patents in Liveness Detection

BioID®’s breakthrough liveness detection is a powerful anti-spoofing mechanism and prevents any data from being stolen by impostors or misused through forgery. Thus, BioID®’s “Privacy by Design” principle considers not only the system’s anonymous data handling and the cloud’s security requirements but also ensures safety against attacks.
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Use cases for financial services, health care & automotive industry

Facts about BioID®

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