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ChatGPT, Deepfakes and Fake News – A Threat to Democracy, Science, and Business?

BioID’s Contribution to the North Rhine-Westphalia Security Day 2023


Nuremberg – August 11th, 2023
More than ever, we need to protect our economy. This was a consensus among the experts at this year’s North Rhine-Westphalia Security Day.

The inaugural address was delivered by Christian Vogt, Chairman of the Board at Deutsche Post DHL Group and Chairman of ASW West e.V. and followed by an impulse report on the situation in North Rhine-Westphalia by Minister of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia and patron of the event, Herbert Reul.

Minister Herbert Reul spoke out in favour of even more intensive networking between the state and the economy, emphasizing a need for action, especially in the protection of critical infrastructures.

The event brought together an array of distinguished experts, each contributing their unique perspectives to the discourse. Among them was our CTO Dr. Robert Frischholz, who gave an enlightening insight into the panel discussion targeting the question: “Fake News, Deepfakes, and ChatGPTA Threat to Democracy, Science, and Economy?” Prof. Dr. Dorothee Dienstbühl, Lecturer at the Brandenburg Police University, charmingly moderated the podium’s discussion, and fellow invitees to the panel discussion were experts Frank Ewald, Head of Corporate Security at Deutsche Post DHL, and Dirk Fischlein, Lecturer at the Brandenburg Police University.

Dr. Robert Frischholz explained the term ‘deepfakes’ highlighting the immense increase in quality and quantity of deepfakes over the years especially since newly Generated Networks have opened a new front in the battle against fraud like ChatGPT and Midjourney – just to name a few.

If forged professionally, the identification of a deepfake is almost impossible for the bare eye. Therefore, the potentially destructive nature poses a threat to society, politics, and other areas of life. This highlights the need for ongoing research and development of robust and secure biometric technologies to address these emerging challenges.


ChatGPT, Deepfakes und Fake News – A Threat to Democracy, Science, and Business?

NRW Security Day 2023, Post-Tower, Bonn Panel 
Discussion on ChatGPT, Deepfakes and Fake News – A Threat to Democracy, Science, and Business? 
Prof. Dr. Dorothee Dienstbühl (left), Dr. Robert Frischholz, Frank Ewald, and Dirk Fischlein (right)


Deepfakes – FAKE-ID Deepfake Detection Research

Ongoing research is pursued for detecting a deepfake in photo and video material directly. As part of this research, BioID is engaging with a BMBF-funded consortium amongst them Bundesdruckerei GmbH and Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute from Berlin, Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg as well as Berlin Institute for Safety and Security Research (FÖPS Berlin) at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. BioID is involved in the FAKE-ID Deepfake Detection Research, utilizing it’s proprietary anti-spoofing technologies and expertise in the field of biometrics to this research on deepfakes.

The main objective of the FAKE-ID consortium is to develop deepfake detection software using artificial intelligence (AI). Deepfakes and the procedures involved in their creation are examined in this context. Based on the outcome, algorithms will be developed for exposing manipulated photos and videos. In addition to supporting court decisions, the deepfake detectors can also be used to verify identities remotely. The use of AI for the detection of deepfakes is also studied in terms of legal and socio-ethical arguments. In the context of technology assessment, the project consortium gives particular consideration to the impact of the detection software on the fundamental rights of individuals as well as the implications for society.

Our presence at NRW Security Day exemplified BioID’s commitment to fostering awareness and dialogue on critical technological issues.

You can find more information about our guest contribution to the North Rhine-Westphalia Security Day 2023 in this German press release:
press release ASW-West press release

Promoter & Host “Alliance for Security in Business West e.V.”
NRW-Sicherheitstag der Allianz für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft West e.V. (ASW West)

Find out more about BioID’s FAKE-ID Deepfake Detection Research.


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