The BioID Biometrics Playground

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BioID Playground biometrics demo testing

BioID now makes its entertaining new biometrics Playground available. The face recognition company has just introduced its new Website in January 2018 and now adds many features for testing the speed and accuracy of biometrics. Among others, the highly in-demand feature for creating biometric passport images, formerly known as “Pic4Pass” is now part of BioID’s Website. In this functionality, any registered user can create ICAO compliant biometric passport images for free. The Playground’s main functionality is testing the BioID Web Service with its biometric operations.


Register and get Started

For entering the biometrics Playground, simply register with BioID for free and gain access to the full demo for face recognition and eye recognition as well as the entertaining other biometric functionalities. After enrolling a few selfies with different lighting conditions, one can try out the face and eye recognition. Liveness detection as well as challenge-response can be activated to get a feeling for the possible anti-spoofing mechanisms. Verify compares your image against your own biometric template, this is called a 1:1 verification. Identify compares your image to all other templates and determines the one who is most similar, which naturally is you in most cases. If you are a developer please visit our developer documentation. You can also request a trial instance, if you want to test the BioID Web Service with full functionality.


PhotoVerify ID photo validation demo

For the first time, BioID’s identity proofing service PhotoVerify can be tested in the biometric Playground. Simply upload 3 images, two live selfie images and one snapshot of your photo on your passport, driver’s license or ID card. With face and eye recognition, these three images are compared to determine if you really are the owner of the ID document. The images are tossed away after use, thus fulfilling the requirements for an anonymous identity proofing service.


“We strive to make biometrics easy to understand and use for anyone”, said Ho Chang, BioID CEO. “This is why we think it is important to offer demos for people to test and try out our technology and see how an application can look like. Usability is the key point concerning the adoption of biometric authentication. This is where BioID comes in.”


More demo apps to come

Applications for multimodal biometrics are many and varied with BioID’s developers always at the forefront of new ideas. A feature ready for testing soon is for instance a “Live Monitoring” demo. It allows for continuous checking of user presence instead of a one-time authentication. In cases of employees who work from home and have access to sensitive data, a constant monitoring of the eligible person can be necessary. As soon as the person is not detected in front of the PC for a certain time or if a second face appears, the display can be blocked or other alerts defined. Another element which will be available for testing soon is the special “Replay Defender” BioID developed as part of its anti-spoofing technology. Videos and animated 3D avatars can be detected to prevent unauthorized access.

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