Biometrics – based Challenge-response to guard against Video-Replay Attacks


challenge-response anti-spoofing against video attacksOne of the challenges in biometrics is to protect against so-called video replay attacks, where a person’s biometrics are copied or recorded and presented by an impostor to mimic the real thing. From the start, we included our unique patented liveness detection to guard against such  video-replay attacks using photos of legitimate users. Now you can have even stronger protection from impostors attempting to access another person’s account using videos of that person. With challenge-response as an anti-spoofing mechanism, during verification users are guided to turn their heads in specified random directions. Motion analysis verifies that the instructions were followed. In this way, we ensure that the verification images captured are from a live person and not a photo or video.

This option can be enabled in your BioID account profile settings and is available for verification through BioID websites as well as in the latest version of the BioID Face Recognition Authenticator App for iOS and Android.

Strong protection that’s easy to use

Once you’ve enabled challenge-response, to be verified simply turn your head slightly in the directions indicated, keeping your eyes on the screen. That’s all there is to it! Other face recognition solutions are based on techniques such as eye blink detection to ensure liveness, but these methods can easily be fooled by photos with the eyes cut out or by videos. BioID’s sophisticated liveness detection provides a unique and much more reliable way to make sure that the face being verified is really from a live person.

Developers using the BioID Web Service can integrate challenge-response into their applications through both the SOAP and REST APIs. A hosted user interface for challenge-response is also available through our Unified User Interface. Users of any applications that use BioID Connect for authentication can also enable challenge-response in their BioID account settings for reliable anti-spoofing.


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