Anonymous face & voice biometric authentication as a service

BioID Web Service (BWS) – the original ‘biometrics as a service’ – is the product that makes many biometric authentication applications possible. BWS is geared towards application developers of any service or software with access to the internet. BWS, a big leap ahead of any client/server-based software development kit (“SDK”) predecessors, has been developed with three clear design principles:

Cloud-based by design

Easy to implement and available everywhere, anytime, on any device

Privacy by design

Anonymous recognition without personally identifying information

Secure by design

Fraud prevention by means of fake detection

Offered as an API service – ‘biometrics as a service’ – it is easily integrated into any existing application infrastructure. Biometric data is kept anonymous to protect user privacy and is completely under the control of the service provider. As a cloud service it dynamically scales up to any performance and storage requirements, making it available at all times and applicable for a wide range of usage scenarios. The BioID Connect service lets you integrate quickly using standard protocols, while the BioID mobile app makes it especially easy to integrate BWS with your mobile apps and mobile websites.

Explore biometrics and see the documentation on the BioID Playground.

The BioID Web Service offers biometric recognition through both SOAP and RESTful APIs.

The BioID Web Service allows you to easily integrate powerful biometric recognition functionality into your applications. The service is available through a SOAP API secured with an X.509 certificate; the Enroll and Verify operations are also available via a RESTful API using a standard JSON web token. Users are managed in BWS via an anonymous ID, providing privacy-protecting separation of biometric data and other personally identifying information: we have no way of knowing who your users are, and you don't have to manage any biometric data. Thus, user management is handled on your side.

BWS is most suitable for applications such as:

Identity & access

Banking & payment

Online services


Account recovery

Duplicate detection

Travel & check-in

Similarity search

BioID Web Service offers an easier, stronger solution for users and developers alike:

  • Highly accurate biometric algorithms with liveness detection to avoid fraud
  • Natural, intuitive face and voice recognition – short user learning curve
  • Suitable for wide variety of online and mobile applications
  • Platform- and device-independent web services (SOAP or RESTful) ensuring consistent user experience
  • No special hardware – uses standard webcam / mobile phone camera & mic
  • Fast-track implementation – short developer learning curve
  • Professional results – no specialized expertise required
  • Ensures security and privacy of user data
  • No need to manage biometric data
  • Cost-effective pay-per-use or per-user subscription licensing models

Verify: one to one matching, i.e. "are you who you say you are?"

  • Biometric authentication (face and/or voice) including photo/video fake defender
  • For online login, identity proofing, transaction authorization, etc.

Identify: one to many matching, i.e. "who are you?" or "are you on the list?"

  • Detecting duplicate registrations and users of special interest (e.g. blacklist)
  • For online registration, background check, etc.

Identify: one to many searching, i.e. "who are you similar to?"

  • Face or voice similarity search
  • For online dating, celebrity promotion, modeling or casting agencies, etc.

Quality check

  • High-precision image quality check to ICAO & ISO/IEC standards for e-passport / ID photos, mug shots
  • For online quality photo service, ID renewal, etc.
Quality check
Hosted GUI
Security X.509 App token

Note: Enroll, Delete and Status are management operations for application support.

BioID Web Service - The fastest path from code to customer

Easy to implement

  • Simple well-engineered SOAP or RESTful web API
  • Ready-to-use GUI available (with RESTful API)
  • Developer documentation and examples online

Easy to manage

  • Accessible online over standard ports
  • Instant start; no software installation needed
  • Management dashboard (accounting & performance)

Built for performance

  • Cloud-based solution; data centers worldwide
  • Transparent high scalability with load balancer
  • Exclusive instances for the customer
  • Storage separated from processing

Secure by design

  • Data transfer protected with strong TLS/SSL encryption
  • All communication endpoints are secured
  • Access control with X.509 client certificates (SOAP) or app token (REST)
  • Isolated service instance for every customer

Privacy inclusive

  • Separation of biometric data from other personally identifiable information
  • Anonymous storage of biometric template
  • Only image and audio data is processed, only template is stored
  • Strong encryption of data and transport

Mobile developers who want to integrate with BWS have many choices for easy integration:

  • Communicate with our app from your app or mobile website via inter-app communication, using our identity management via standard protocols or with your own via BWS
  • Integrate our source code directly into your app

For more information and to see how easy mobile face authentication can be, please check out BioID Mobile.