Trying the BioID Web Service REST API with Windows PowerShell

PowerShell promptIn a recent blog post we described how to interact with the BioID Web Service (BWS) RESTful API as an Client App with the cURL command line tool. While this tool is common on UNIX and akin systems the PowerShell is the default scripting environment on Microsoft Windows systems.

Thus we repeat the walk through from the blog post Trying the BioID Web Service REST API with cURL with the equivalent Windows PowerShell commands here. The cmdlets we use for this example require at least Windows PowerShell 3.0.

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Trying the BioID Web Service REST API with cURL

First contact

Unix Shell Prompt

Let's try to do some hands-on REST with the BioID Web Service (BWS). You'll need to already have requested a trial instance. Then you can go to the BWS Management portal and register a client app. I did this and got an email telling me that it runs on storage bws with in partition 9184. After having created it I can see that it appears in the “Client Apps” tab with the identifier The app name is something you can choose yourself when registering a new one.

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Browser Wars

HTML5 is great! Finally we can get rid of proprietary third party plugins like Adobe Flash Player or Microsoft Silverlight for media content.

Well, it's not that easy. Modern HTML5 capable browsers support presenting rich media in various formats but when it comes to capturing media, e.g. from a camera or microphone the browser support is thin on the ground.

And for the Identify operation we rely on the Microsoft Silverlight plugin at the moment for accessing the BWS via SOAP. Unfortunately it's getting more and more difficult to use the Microsoft Silverlight plugin in modern browsers.

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