BioID® adds replay defender against biometric spoofing

New liveness detection will detect photo, video and avatar attacks


BioID anti spoofing replay defender

Nuremberg, Germany – January 29, 2018 – Cloud biometrics developer BioID® today announced a new liveness detection feature that adds to the BioID® Web Service (BWS). Through the powerful replay defender, neither videos nor 3D avatars will be able to trick the comprehensive biometric authentication system. Additionally, the latest release includes BioID®’s new patent for motion-based liveness detection. The new functionalities reliably secure the face and eye recognition against identity fraud and unauthorized access. They detect whether the person in front of the camera is a live person or a replay from another media or device. BioID® face liveness detection can be used on any device and platform and doesn’t need special equipment like a 3D camera.

Accurate biometrics made more secure: Ready for GDPR & KYC

BioID®’s live detection ensures the user’s physical presence before carrying out any face and/or eye recognition operation. The system’s algorithms use the same images needed for face and eye recognition, so no additional processes are required. Additionally, liveness detection can be used independently in order to complement existing authentication procedures. Liveness detection is becoming an absolute necessity for applications that require greater security and privacy. Especially in times of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), user consent has to be guaranteed for performing any transaction related to personally identifiable data (PII). Thus, biometric authentication secured through liveness detection makes sure that transactions cannot be authorized without explicit user consent, thereby supporting any company in their GDPR implementation. For financial service providers, liveness detection enables their existing identity proofing implementation to meet the Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance.


“With our new live detection, camera-based biometrics will be suitable for a much wider variety of use cases – especially where face or periocular recognition might be liable to forgery or identity fraud”, said BioID® CEO Ho Chang. “We make sure biometrics are provided with an intuitive user experience while at the same time the authentication cannot be faked easily. With the BioID® Web Service now including strong liveness detection, we are happy to deliver face recognition as a vital and trusted authentication method for a variety of critical use cases.”


Our anti-spoofing liveness detection is available immediately for integration and testing through our new developer portal. It can also be tested on our Playground or through our App for Android and iOS. The latest feature, the Replay Defender against spoofing with videos and 3D avatars, will be available soon.



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