BioID enhancing Data Privacy and Protection Commitment


Anonymous face recognition for privacy

Nuremberg, Germany – 08.11.2017: BioID, a leader in multimodal “Biometrics as a Service”, has entered into agreements with both Microsoft Cloud Germany and Deutsche Telekom. Its highly in-demand BioID Web Service (BWS) is now hosted in the data center of T-Systems – enhancing data security and privacy. T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, is acting as the data trustee, ensuring that all data is stored exclusively in data centers on German soil. Additionally, T-Systems controls all access to customer data and any associated infrastructure.


Addressing GDPR

Stepping up its data privacy commitment with such data centers is a necessity for BioID customers, who must be compliant with the German and European Union (EU) data protection act, particularly for the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is also an excellent added value for other BioID customers who wish to take advantage of one of the world’s most established infrastructures for the security, privacy, and integrity of their online data. Adding to cloud advantages like scalability and cost savings, 89% of German IT decision-makers consider German cloud providers the most trustworthy (Bitdefender 2017). By combining various components of data safety, like legally compliant and customer-specific data centers, private clouds, anonymous authentication processes, and their superior patented liveness detection, BioID enables entrusted personal privacy protection for online service providers using biometrics.


Assuring online user presence under full data privacy

“Privacy by design” is the fundamental principle BioID follows while building its safe and trusted face and eye recognition. Aside from adapting data privacy best practices itself, BioID also facilitates its customers and their integrated solutions to meet the necessary standards and comply with regulations. As privacy issues are handled differently all over the world, BioID starts by making its service available worldwide through data centers in many different geographical and political regions. Upon request, BioID also offers private hosting for customers who are required to have service located within the same data center. In particular, BioID offers an additional service with German cloud provider T Systems and makes it available to all German customers as well as to those who wish to take advantage of the service by keeping all data securely stored inside Germany. This accounts for security as well as anonymity, making periocular and face recognition especially suitable for industries and applications dealing with highly sensitive data and special security requirements.


“We understand how challenging data security and privacy are for companies and individuals alike, so we always strive to make our service even safer and more convenient,” said Ho Chang, CEO. “Storing and processing only pseudonymized data and keeping it inside Germany in data centers compliant with the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) is just one of the many steps we are taking towards this aim.”


Anonymous face recognition

As a “Biometrics as a Service” provider, BioID additionally ensures data privacy by dealing solely with pseudonymized data. To carry out its service, BioID requires only the mathematical representation of the characteristics extracted from the data uploaded. This abstract “template” used for the biometric operations is completely separated from other personal data. All data stored and used by the service is thus not personally identifiable. No template can be exported, re-engineered, or reverse-engineered to its original format, therefore providing full anonymity and data protection.



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