face recognition instead of passwords

Biometric Authentication
in Financial Services, Health Care, Remote Work

Use cases for BioID’s authentication service are wide-ranging. Any service or application reliant on assured user presence and verification will benefit from integrating BioID face recognition. For instance, BioID verifies digital identities in financial services, enables biometric face login and opening of new bank accounts. Individuals and companies alike need to know whom they interact with online for more security and convenience. Any use case involving online identities in unsupervised situations will benefit from the explicit linkage to a physical identity. Therefore, BioID offers a reliable and fraud-proof authentication service.

Use cases include reliable and easy-to-use authentication and authorization for online payment or e-signing as well as secure and seamless single sign-on for healthcare professionals. Convenient and trusted e-learning, on-boarding processes with high levels of assurance, smooth check-in processes in the travel industry as well as workforce and visitor management are enabled through fraud proof biometric recognition.

The BioID Web Service can be integrated directly into your website or mobile app, with strong and intuitive face recognition through the user’s webcam or smartphone camera. Go to our developer documentation if you’re interested in implementing our APIs. You can also find sample applications and test the BioID Web Service (BWS) at our Playground.

Prevent identity fraud and ensure user presence

More convenient, simple user experience 24×7

Reduced costs (personnel, facility, tokens)

Highly accurate, reliable user authentication

These are typical applications in the field of online services that can benefit from a better user experience through biometrics. As for emerging IoT applications, BioID ensures that all connected devices are reliably controlled and managed only by authorized personnel in a way that is intuitive and user-friendly. Being non-intrusive, reliable, and universal, BioID’s multimodal recognition system enables an unlimited range of versatile applications in any industry. 

Identity verification using biometrics liveness detection