Secure biometric technology

BioID biometric technology is based on the principle of privacy and security by design. When developing our sophisticated biometric algorithms, the experienced team always focuses on high accuracy and fraud prevention as well as personal privacy protection. Our software is 100% self-written and made in Germany by our team of specialists in face detection, face recognition, eye (periocular) as well as liveness detection. Our biometric technology, offered as the BioID Web Service (SaaS), can be easily implemented into any website or app or modified for various applications.

The BioID Web Service is based on an extremely accurate algorithm for face recognition, which can be combined with features like periocular (eye region) recognition for multimodal, multifactor authentication. We have developed one of the most complete liveness detection technologies and constantly improve our anti-spoofing techniques. It detects fakes like photo or video replays and makes biometrics an even safer alternative for convenient verification. Thus, our biometric authentication technology is built for those in need of high accuracy, security, privacy and convenience for smooth user experiences.

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face liveness detection technology

BioID’s biometric technology leads the industry in many ways.

The following characteristics of our sophisticated software stand out in particular:

Liveness Detection

  • Patented anti-spoofing fake detection for photos and videos
  • Combines motion- and texture-based analysis
  • Ensures presence of live user
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  • Anonymous biometrics: no personal data
  • Secure: private transport & storage
  • Irreversible template: no photos stored

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Eye recognition (periocular)

  • One-of-a-kind eye recognition with standard cameras
  • Even more accurate and convenient than face recognition
  • New user groups and applications possible
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  • Security: Combine face and periocular recognition
  • Accuracy: More accurate and flexible than any single trait
  • Flexibility & Convenience: New user groups and applications

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