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BioID is more than just a company; it is a unique technology. It is the team that helps users “be recognized” with ease!

Made up of talented people with different backgrounds, experience and expertise, the team has one thing in common: a passion for secure, easy-to-use, privacy-enhancing biometrics that users can trust. The very same team who developed and marketed the world’s first multimodal biometric login products for Windows 98 years ago is now the pioneer in cloud biometrics. Not to mention the world’s first and most advanced biometric recognition with a fake defender that can tell the difference between a live person in front of the camera and an impostor using a photo or video of someone else.

Industry-leading innovation is just part of our culture at BioID.

BioID Team: Ho Chang, CEO

Ho Chang


With “be recognized” as the slogan and vision for the company, Ho first recognized the commercial potential of the multimodal biometric technology now known as BioID.

Ho’s knowledge and long-term experience in software and IT security are essential to the successful commercialization of BioID’s technologies, most recently the world’s first cloud biometrics with fake detection. Graduated from the University of Toronto in computer science and mathematics, Ho brings more than 20 years CEO-level experience in the biometrics and IT industries and worked for companies such as Hewlett-Packard.

Under his guidance, BioID’s biometric authentication solutions have been proven through many years of use in enterprises, banks and government organizations.

BioID Team: Dr.-Ing. Robert Frischholz, CTO

Dr. Robert Frischholz


With BioID as his brainchild and many patents to his name, Robert leads all algorithmic development and is responsible for keeping the company at the technological forefront, with industry-leading accuracy, performance and user experience, along with groundbreaking innovations such as the fake defender. As a specialist for artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of biometrics he leverages the latest technical advancements for continuously optimizing BioID's technology.

Coming from Fraunhofer Institute, Robert has been working on motion tracking and facial recognition for over 20 years.

Robert studied computer sciences, specializing in pattern recognition, at Erlangen University. Among others, he has been honored by Marquis Who’s Who since 1998 for his outstanding contributions to science in the fields of image processing, motion analysis, and biometrics. With numerous publications and patents, he is one of the world’s leading biometric experts.

BioID Team: Wolfgang Hoffmann, CFO

Wolfgang Hoffmann


In addition to holding the CFO position for BioID, Wolfgang is also the CEO of a leading financial services firm in Austria. He has worked as an independent tax advisor since 1984 and as a financial auditor since 2002.

He brings in years of experience in accounting and finance, and is currently responsible for all finances required by BioID particularly in responding to the recent growth. Using his reputation and vast client network in the financial industry, he contributes excellent business opportunities, giving the company access to additional markets.

Wolfgang is also a board member supporting the direction and growth of the company.

BioID Team: Hagen Zurek, Head of Software

Hagen Zurek

SVP, Software Development

The mastermind of the BioID Framework and BioID Web Service, Hagen ensures all BioID’s software development and design architecture is flawless, scalable, and most of all adheres to the highest security and privacy standards. Coming from Fraunhofer Institute, Hagen studied computer sciences, specializing in algorithms, pattern recognition, neural networks and genetic programming at Erlangen University.

As a disciplined and certified SCRUM project manager Hagen keeps the development process flowing smoothly, combining a can-do attitude with a healthy dose of realism, and has excellent skills in managing large and complex software development projects.

BioID Team: Dr. Ajay K. Jha, PRESIDENT, INDIA

Dr. Ajay K. Jha

President, India

With over 28 years of working experience, Ajay supports BioID as President in India & UAE. Prior to joining BioID, he worked as Vice President & Head of International Centre of Excellence (ICoEx, EMIL) for Aditya Birla Group.

Aside overseeing business development in India & UAE, Ajay is taking BioID’s innovation to markets where process optimization and prediction using AI techniques, Disaster prediction using state-of-art & patented solution of BioID, safety and productivity breakthrough are long-awaited. An alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur invited to University of Toronto during his PhD, pursued big data analytics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a postdoc fellow from Queen’s, Ajay is an expert in areas such as advanced data analytics, artificial neural networks, AI & soft computing. Holding multiple patents, Ajay has authored several books and papers in international publications and journals.

BioID Team: Ann-Kathrin Schmitt, Marketing Manager

Ann-Kathrin Freiberg

Manager Business Development and Marketing

Ann-Kathrin is responsible for the company’s strategy concerning communications and brand positioning. With an M.Sc. in Marketing Management, Ann-Kathrin has a special focus on B2B technology marketing. Thus, her work is guided by the aim of making BioID’s sophisticated biometric software tangible and easy to understand for everybody.

Overseeing the market, she is also responsible for business development and identifying growth opportunities. She is in active contact with clients and partners and ensures continuous exchange for maintaining BioID's position at the forefront of innovation in biometrics.


Alexandra Atsüren

Marketing Manager

As BioID’s Marketing Manager, Alexandra Atsüren co-operates closely with all of BioID’s departments. Before joining the company’s team, she gained experience as a Manager for B2B marketing and communications at an agency for industry and healthcare customers. From that position not only her knowledge in creating and publishing content benefited, but also her expertise in Search Engine Optimization as well as E-Mail and Social Media Marketing. Prior to taking her career a step further as a member of the company, she studied Business Administration with a focus on marketing.

With her ability to look at the big picture, Alexandra is responsible for the development and implementation of BioID’s marketing and branding strategies. Further, she ensures to optimize social media and communication operations. By creating the optimal and most recent content related to new developments in the biometric industry, she pursues her aim to make biometric topics like liveness detection and identity verification accessible for everyone.