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Securing privacy by design™
at BioID

From the beginning, our architecture has been set up to ensure high security as well as to fulfill privacy requirements. We agree that biometric software must be simple to use, conveniently designed and provide the highest security level that is possible. When talking about your biometric data, even more important is the protection of your data privacy. We are a German company and meet stringent German and European data privacy protection requirements. We take the protection of your data extremely seriously.

As a Biometrics as a Service provider, BioID secures your privacy by design with the following key principles:

1. Anonymous face recognition:
Your biometric data is stored anonymously with no other personally identifiable information such as your name or email address. We don’t know who we are recognizing!
  • Biometrics kept completely separate from any other personally identifiable information
  • Delivered & stored using an anonymous ID generated by BioID: ensures that the identifier itself contains no personally identifying information (e.g. user ID)
  • We never receive any personally identifiable information other than biometrics: we have no idea who users are
2. Irreversible, revocable template:
Our BioID Web Service converts every photo into an anonymous template of your unique features that cannot be reverse engineered to obtain a photo
  • We process and store no photos, only a biometric template, a mathematical representation of biometric data
  • Photo can’t be reverse engineered from the template
  • If a user’s template is compromised, service provider can simply delete user & re-enroll under a new anonymous ID
Anti spoofing live detection
Your biometric data belongs to you and only you! It is only needed so we can recognize you. It is kept anonymously and cannot be shared. Please take a look at our Privacy Policy for more details.
3. Secure and tailor-made data storage:
Our BioID Web Service is offered as Software as a Service with carefully selected cloud providers and specifications tailored to each customer
  • Client-specific data centers, e. g. keeping data stored securely inside Germany (data trustee T-Systems)
  • Private hosting to have BioID Web Service located within the same data center
  • Anonymous biometric data placed in highly secure data centers instead of storing it on the clients’ devices, which are more vulnerable to attack
4. High security levels
We secure your data from forgery through multiple patents on anti-spoofing liveness detection
  • Patented photo fake defender
  • Texture-based detection of photo and video replays
  • Motion-based fraud prevention through a challenge-response mechanism

This accounts for security as well as anonymity, making BioID’s face, eye and voice recognition extremely suitable for industries and applications dealing with highly sensitive data and special security requirements.