biometrics for secure universal access control

Physical Access Control -
Biometrics for Authentication

In times of 24/7 opening hours and working shifts, workforce outsourcing and increasing automation, reliable and accurate physical and online access control is crucial for the safety of a company’s processes and data. Instead of using costly manual checking or easy-to-share tokens and passwords for employee and visitor management, innovative companies can make use of the latest developments in biometrics.

BioID offers securely designed face and eye recognition with included anti-spoofing liveness detection for universal access control. New user journeys and great employee experience are made possible by seamlessly allowing physical and digital access on various channels. The BioID Software as a Service can be adapted to various applications and is extremely flexible for personalized access and full control for the employer as well as the employee. It can be integrated directly into your website or mobile app, with strong and intuitive face recognition through the user’s webcam or smartphone camera.

Enterprises may use biometrics in addition to their traditional access control for a huge improvement in security and convenience. Especially through the patented liveness detection included in the BioID Web Service, they can be sure that the assigned person is actually there, by reliably detecting photo fakes and video replays. Furthermore, a company’s authentication can be designed completely as a multimodal biometric system, with single capture of multiple features like face and eyes to make your company’s data safer and your access control more reliable.

Reduce unauthorized access and increase security

  • Multifactor authentication: face + phone + geolocation
  • Strong biometrics with liveness detection: highly accurate and secure against impostors
  • Resistant to theft and sharing

Cut costs

  • Eliminate cost and management of key cards or hardware tokens and expensive access terminals
  • Works with BYOD (employees’ own phones) or centralized low-cost tablet

Simplify access control

  • Easy user experience: just take a selfie, nothing to remember or carry
  • Multipurpose: can also be used for single sign-on for network access
  • Eye recognition for users wearing medical or cleanroom masks

Instead of the administrative burden of token/key card management or relying on difficult and easy-to-share passwords, innovative companies may now replace or complement this with their users’ unique features.