Biometric products for authentication, identity proofing & liveness detection

  • Cloud advantages like scalability, flexibility, cost-efficiency and transferred responsibility
  • Platform independence, supporting almost all types of applications, cloud or non-cloud based
  • Built-in privacy by design using anonymous data processing without personal data
  • Easy-to-integrate APIs

The BioID Web Service (BWS)

The basis of our biometric products, the BioID Web Service, is designed as Software as a Service and a highly powerful foundation for various biometric applications. We deliver the technology for accurate and secure face and eye recognition, which can be easily integrated for any website, app and service. As we offer various configurations based on the customers’ requirements, the BWS is flexible and can be adapted to existing environments. Our sophisticated algorithms work platform and device independent and can be implemented with only a few lines of code for additional security and convenience.
BWS can be purchased as a cloud solution as well as on-premises.


PhotoVerify is our latest feature, providing strong and reliable identity proofing online. Combining BioID’s proven face recognition and liveness detection technologies, it allows companies to automate the formerly costly and inflexible manual process of verifying one’s identity. Therefore, it performs a highly accurate automated online ID photo and live photo comparison. PhotoVerify may be used as an extension of our biometric authentication or purchased as a service itself with a pay-per-user subscription. 

Liveness Detection

Our industry-leading anti-spoofing liveness detection secures our authentication service and can be purchased independently for complementing other biometric systems. The feature reliably prevents forgery through presentation attack detection techniques. It can be integrated into existing facial recognition system. Face live detection is the key for online unsupervised authentication and KYC (Know Your Customer) applications. BioID’s independently tested liveness detection secures biometric recognition against spoofing attacks with photos, videos, masks and even animated 3D avatars.

face login app

Facial recognition app

The BioID facial recognition app is a multifactor user authenticator with face login. The mobile version with full usability is part of the BioID Web Service. It may be tested in our demo, which can be downloaded as an app for Android and iOS. The demo API can be used by developers for integrating and testing our service in their apps (inter-app communication) and websites. BioID’s face recognition app demonstrates our biometric products and shows an example of how to implement our technology for face login and other applications.