Identity proofing with BioID® PhotoVerify:
Know Your Customer with Confidence

PhotoVerify provides convenient, safe live ID photo verification that reliably and securely recognizes whether the person on the ID is the one looking at the camera, while patented liveness detection ensures that the person is live and deters spoofing attacks with photos or videos. It can be integrated directly into your website or mobile app, with strong and intuitive face recognition through the user’s webcam or smartphone camera.
Fortunately, face recognition technology can address the challenges of manual identity proofing, replacing it with an accurate, convenient, economical solution ideal for applications such as:
  • Registration for online banking and other services
  • Electronic document signing and online legal transactions
  • Online renewal of identity documents (passports, etc.)
  • Verifying attributes such as age, home address, citizenship, etc.
  • “Proof of life” verification for recipients of pensions and other benefits

Automating identity proofing through “live” face recognition

Companies in many industries need to be sure of their customers’ and users’ legal identities, ages or other attributes. Traditionally this has required the customer to appear in person to ensure accurate comparison of ID and face. More recently this process is being handled online via live video session, but it is still an inconvenient and costly process, particularly when a third-party service provider is involved. Since a person’s face changes from day to day human error is also a concern, especially with online video due to bad lighting and poor video-streaming quality.


More convenient, simple user experience 24×7

Personnel savings through automation

Freedom from external service providers

Accuracy by live detection & eliminating human error

How it works

BioID® PhotoVerify is easy to use and only requires three images, captured through the user’s webcam or smart phone camera:

  • Two live recorded photos, which are analyzed to ensure liveness and prevent photo / video replay attack.
  • One photo of a photo ID, such as a passport or driver’s license, which is compared to the live images. Ideally, the ID photo can be read out from an e-passport to achieve even more accurate results.
BioID®’s sophisticated algorithm then automatically matches the two sources and reliably identifies the authenticating person within seconds, making sure that (1) the live images are truly from a live person, not a photo or video, and (2) the live person matches the ID photo. Since no biometric templates or photos are stored and all data is deleted after the operation, it fulfills all requirements for an anonymous identity proofing service. This technology is based on BioID®’s cloud service with long proven face recognition and patented liveness detection, and can easily be integrated for various browser- or mobile-based applications. BioID® advanced face recognition with built-in liveness detection makes automated ID verification possible, in a way that is more economical and can be integrated into existing services with only a few lines of code.