gdpr compliance general data protection regulation

Facilitating GDPR compliance through an anonymous face recognition authentication service

In times of highly strict data privacy regulations for companies doing business in Europe, BioID anonymous face recognition facilitates your compliance through substantially reducing the processed personally identifiable data. The BioID Web Service (BWS) separates identity from biometrics, thus only storing a binary biometric template that cannot be re-engineered to the original format or connected to personal data. We do not know, whom we recognize!

The Software as a Service can be integrated directly into your website or mobile app, with strong and intuitive face recognition through any webcam or smartphone camera. By outsourcing your user management and authentication to BioID, you can give the responsibility for parts of your Identity and Access Management (IAM) processes to us and empower your customers.

Your company’s and your customers’ data are secured in various ways:
The anonymous data is stored in secure and local data centers, e. g. directly in Germany. Your customers’ identities are securely pseudonymized and images deleted directly after use. We offer extremely accurate multifactor authentication, with multimodal biometrics that can be combined with other features for a maximum of safety and convenience. We deliver a GDPR compliant face recognition service with built-in data privacy and data security.

Have a look at our Privacy Policy and read our Whitepaper on GDPR-ready Biometrics for more information.

Enhance security to comply with GDPR

  • Biometrics separate from other personally identifiable data
  • Multifactor authentication with liveness detection prevents fraud
  • Out-of-band authentication prevents man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Zero-footprint transaction ensures data privacy

Increase trust and retain convenience

  • Customer managed privacy: users get full control over their data
  • Greater customer trust through secure data handling
  • Easy user experience for all channels: just take a selfie

To deter any spoofing attacks, our team has developed patented liveness detection. Our 100% self-written code, made in Germany, allows us to offer privacy and security by design. In result, we can support any company’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implementation.