Identity verification using biometrics liveness detection

Put your E-identity to sleep,
Unless you are really there!

The ever-growing number of applications for digital Identity increasingly require higher levels of safety and authentication. Individuals as well as companies need to be sure to avoid misuse of e-identity through fraud or forgery when dealing with critical transactions, highly sensitive data or e-signing.

In an increasingly digital world, electronic signatures save paper-handling and courier costs and significantly accelerate the pace of business processes. At the same time, a contract, for instance, is only legally binding if signed by the respective persons, so identity has to be assured in some way. The use of biometric verification for e-identity and e-signing allows individuals and companies to have full control over their actions For instance, through authenticating any process with their face.

Through BioID’s Biometrics as a Service, your customers’ physical presence can reliably be ensured. Anti-spoofing mechanisms like our patented liveness detection prevent fraud. The Software as a Service can be integrated directly into your website or mobile app, with strong and intuitive face recognition through the user’s webcam or smartphone camera. This means that you can be sure that the person using an E-Identity to log in or sign a contract is actually there and has intentionally done so.

Reduce fraud & improve compliance

  • Multifactor (face + phone + geolocation) authentication
  • Liveness detection ensures user presence
  • Photo capture discourages fraud

Increase trust and secure privacy

  • Greater customer trust through secure verification
  • Zero-footprint transaction ensures data privacy

Convenient customer journey

  • Easy user experience for all channels: just take a selfie
  • No passwords to remember

Biometric data is at the same time extremely secure as it is only processed as encrypted anonymous binary data, making it unusable for third persons. This means that, unless you are really there and authenticate a process, your E-Identity can be put to sleep and is safe from any unauthorized use!