Biometrics company: Face recognition forget passwords

Forget passwords.
Be recognized.

Every one of us has struggled to deal with overwhelming passwords, and at the same time we are all personally concerned about the risk of identity theft and care deeply about protecting our privacy. Given such a dilemma, we decided to build a recognition platform to free us from these nightmares for a better digital life.

Guided by the vision that anonymous biometric recognition empowers internet users to secure their online identities with privacy, BioID offers a reliable link between a real person and digital identities by verifying the user’s presence in a convenient and natural way – just the way they look. The company’s technology has been proven through many years of use in enterprises, banks and government organizations. Privately held with R&D based in Germany, BioID has offices in Switzerland and the US.

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Would you like to become part of an innovative industry and shape the future of biometric authentication technology? We are currently accepting applications for different exciting positions in our Nuremberg office. Since we are small and growing you will be given endless opportunities to grow in your current areas of expertise and well beyond. Please apply if you are interested in the following open positions: Interns and part-time positions welcome!
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Who is BioID?

BioID is a German biometrics company, founded in 2007 in Erlangen. BioID originated from the German research institute Fraunhofer IIS back in 1998. Developing proprietary software for face liveness detection and facial recognition, the portfolio also includes PhotoVerify.The software biometrically verifies document ownership for remote identity proofing. All technologies are consolidated in the BioID Web Service, and offered as a cloud service via APIs. With its facial recognition and liveness detection software, BioID develops sensor-agnostic solutions, compatible with any standard camera. 

BioID applications range from anti-spoofing for existing facial recognition systems to verification of ID document ownership, e-signing and multi-factor-authentication for login scenarios.