car rentals and sharing with biometrics

Self-service car rental with driver's license ownership verification

The sharing economy is a booming industry, making more efficient use of possessions through sharing with others. For legal and insurance purposes, the companies offering car rentals or car sharing must ensure that the person picking up the car is the driver who is in possession of a driver’s license. Even if the registered person has uploaded a legal document like an ID or driver’s license, a verification of ownership is needed for clarifying who is actually renting the car.

Biometric authentication and identity proofing provides a unique solution for the respective companies and solves user experience issues so far not overcome: By simply submitting a photo of the ID/passport/driver’s license, as well as taking a selfie, user presence and document ownership can be determined in real-time.

Unlike codes or passwords, biometric data cannot be shared with another person, thus making sure that the person registered and insured is actually the one renting the car. Also, strong and patented liveness detection is part of any biometric solution offered by BioID. This prevents car theft with stolen ID cards, as BioID PhotoVerify  reliably takes care of the identity proofing process and recognizes mismatches between an ID and the presented face.

Reduce fraud and theft

  • Prevent identity fraud through liveness detection
  • Stop repeat offenders with face comparison: flag blacklisted renters who use different names
  • Discourage fraud: criminals don’t want their picture taken

Cut costs

  • Expand use of economical real-time self-service check-in
  • Fewer personnel for check-in
  • No new hardware: uses camera on customer’s phone

Convenient customer journey

  • Easy user experience for all channels: just take a selfie
  • Real-time, frictionless, remote identity proofing
  • Supports any type of check-in process or hardware

Using an app integrated with the BioID Web Service, any smartphone camera can be used to verify the assigned person, so no extra equipment is needed. The automated process of authentication can lead to a completely new, seamless and convenient user experience as well as higher levels of safety for car rental or car sharing companies.