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BioID® launches eye recognition web service in public beta release

BioID Eye Recognition - for your eyes only.

Cloud biometrics developer BioID today announced the beta release of a new biometric trait, eye (periocular) recognition, as part of the BioID Web Service (BWS). Alongside the cloud-based face and voice authentication already available in BWS, the new trait gives developers an additional strong choice when integrating biometric authentication with their applications. Eye recognition will enable new use cases that were not possible with face recognition and can deliver greater performance in certain applications.


New eye recognition will enable greater flexibility, accuracy, new authentication use cases

Just like face recognition, BioID’s eye recognition works with a standard smartphone camera, webcam or security camera and requires only a simple selfie. It looks at the fine features around the eyes, such as lashes, lid, brow, and folds in the skin, as well as the full or partial iris (the patterns in the colored part of the eye) when visible. Since only the eyes are needed, it is an ideal solution for applications where the mouth and nose may be covered by a medical or cleanroom mask or a scarf. Because BioID’s eye recognition is less sensitive than face recognition to varied lighting conditions (thanks in part to a unique patent-pending feature extraction process), it works well for applications with challenging lighting. Furthermore, the technology is also less sensitive to appearance changes such as facial hair or makeup. Eye recognition can always be combined with face recognition for increased accuracy.


Same process, more choices

“With our new eye recognition, camera-based biometrics will be suitable for a much wider variety of use cases especially where face or voice recognition might be problematic or inconvenient and in certain conditions they can provide greater performance instead of or in addition to face recognition with the same intuitive user experience,” said BioID CEO Ho Chang. “We strongly believe that authentication must be user-friendly in order to be truly secure and trusted, and biometric recognition is the key to convenient strong authentication. We are excited to deliver innovative options that expand the reach of biometric recognition, offering unparalleled flexibility and accuracy that just works.”


Eye recognition is available for public beta testing immediately on our Playground via A production release of eye recognition through the BioID Web Service will soon be available to all developers for their applications.



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