Unified authentication with mobile face recognition

Users of software as a service, online storage and email need to be able to trust that sensitive data and critical applications are secure from unauthorized access. For customers in many industries such as healthcare and financial services, regulatory compliance also requires strong authentication. Unfortunately, major data breaches are constantly making headlines; password theft is often either a key means or a target of such attacks.

A common approach for stronger authentication is the use of hardware or software token-based two-step authentication solutions, but these can be inconvenient and costly and don't verify the presence of the authorized user. While customers want security they also demand convenience; to be successful in a consumer-driven world, service providers must offer security that is easy to use. With a single convenient and natural face recognition process for all channels – mobile, online, in-person – BioID binds users to their services to make online services more secure and easier to use.

The solution: BioID Mobile Authenticator

The same convenient, secure face-based multifactor authentication through the customer's phone for:

  • Login and transaction verification for online and mobile channels
  • In-person authentication for POS, ATM, self-service kiosks, physical access control

Increase trust and reduce fraud through the next generation of mobile authentication, without compromising customer convenience:

Issue Existing authentication Common 2-step auth BioID Mobile Authenticator
Authentication strength Weak: username and password Moderate: password + phone with new device Strong: biometrics with liveness detection + phone + geolocation
Convenience Have to remember password Remember password + phone + type in code Same intuitive user experience for all channels: just look at phone, strong password is sent without typing it
Mobile app experience Username + password (often stored) Generally not supported for mobile login Convenient biometrics with liveness detection direct in mobile app
  • Eliminate costs (tokens, cards, readers, support)
  • Multifactor authentication with liveness detection resists impostors even if they have user's phone and photo
  • Out-of-band authentication prevents man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Avoids risk of card-skimming at ATM
  • Privacy ensured through anonymous biometrics
  • Increased trust, same or greater convenience
  • No passwords to remember or codes to type
  • Same easy user experience for all channels: just look at the phone