Strong identity proofing with mobile face recognition

E-identity or identity proofing services promise an easier way to prove identity online, enabling paperless digital signing of legal agreements and easier access to government and commercial services that traditionally had to be handled face-to-face. However, such applications are highly attractive to fraudsters, and in some cases are subject to regulation; the very foundation of these services depends on the most reliable means possible to verify the presence of the authorized user. With convenient and natural face recognition, BioID enables more secure, trusted identity proofing with a simple user experience and no special hardware.

The solution: BioID Mobile Identity

Convenient, secure face-based multifactor authentication through the customer's phone for:

  • Login and transaction verification for online, mobile and self-service kiosk channels
  • Fast, reliable identity proofing linked to a thorough one-time digital or in-person identity check

Enable compliant, assured digital transactions through the next generation of mobile identity

Issue Face-to-face identity Existing digital identity BioID Mobile Identity
Authentication strength Moderate: visual photo ID check Weak: username + password Strong: biometrics with liveness detection + phone + geolocation
Identity assurance Moderate to strong: photo ID + other checks Weak to moderate: bank accounts, etc. Strong: face recognition with liveness detection
Convenience Inconvenient: appear in person with multiple documents Easy to complex depending on strength Very convenient with intuitive user experience: just look at phone
  • Strong identity assurance anytime, anywhere
  • Lower costs and reduced fraud
  • Multifactor authentication with liveness detection resists impostors even if they have user’s phone and photo
  • Out-of-band authentication prevents man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Zero-footprint transaction & anonymous biometrics ensure data privacy
  • Increased trust, same convenience