Discover what advanced biometric technology can do for you.

In addition to the BioID Web Service, which allows developers to easily integrate advanced biometrics into almost any application, we offer solutions that can be customized to meet the specific needs of some demanding applications.

Read on for just a few examples of how BioID can be tailored to specific vertical markets.

biometric technology for mobile payment & e-banking

Mobile payment & banking

Provide secure, easy customer authentication / transaction verification.

  • Know your customers
  • Prevent fraud
  • Build trust

For online, mobile, ATM and in-store POS transactions.

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biometric solutions for unified authentication

Unified authentication

Protect your customers’ data and critical applications with user-friendly authentication.

  • Provide strong security
  • Develop trust
  • Easy: nothing to remember

For software as a service, online storage, email.

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biometric technologies for e-identity


Link the physical person to their digital identity at every transaction.

  • Easy strong authentication
  • Avoid fraud
  • Ensure compliance

For digital signing, e-identity programs, government services.

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