Biometrics for any architecture: cloud, client-server, offline, embedded & more

BioID Web Service (BWS) is a product specially designed to address the dominant cloud and mobile markets. A majority of applications can be supported by BWS directly via API and can be ready for the market with little effort.

The BioID app enables easy integration of biometric authentication with mobile websites and apps through BioID Connect, an OpenID Connect and OAuth2.0 identity service based on BWS.

However, there are certain applications where customization and/or development might be necessary beyond BWS.

These include:

  • Private cloud / client-server applications
  • On-device or offline (client-based) applications
  • Embedded / wearable applications
  • Specific biometric applications other than face and voice
  • Federated BioID authentication

BioID Framework 4.0 enables biometrics for SaaS, mobile, embedded, client-based and client-server applications.

BioID addresses the above applications on a by-project basis with one or more of the following components:

  • BioID Web Service (BWS)
  • BioID Connect
  • BioID Mobile App*
  • BioID Framework 4.0

* Can be extended to support applications that require a unified authentication solution across browser-based, mobile, and on-premise platforms. A white-labeled version is also available.

If you need biometric recognition for the above-mentioned applications, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.