Challenge-response available to guard against video attacks

  • Monday, September 12, 2016
  • Tanya Graw

BioID challenge-response uses motion detection to verify that the head is turned in a randomly specfied direction.

One of the challenges in biometrics is to protect against so-called replay attacks, where a person's biometrics are copied or recorded and presented by an impostor to mimic the real thing. From the start, we included our unique patented liveness detection to protect against such attacks using photos of a legitimate user. Now you can have even stronger protection from impostors attempting to access another person's account using videos of that person. With challenge-response, during verification users are guided to turn their head in specified random directions. Motion analysis verifies that the instructions were followed. In this way, we ensure that the verification images captured are from a live person and not a photo or video.

This option can be enabled in your BioID account profile settings, and is available for verification through BioID websites as well as in the latest version of the BioID Face Recognition Authenticator for iOS.

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