BioID announces OAuth service for multifactor authentication

OAuth 2.0

BioID GmbH, a leader in cloud biometrics, today announced a new biometric authentication service based on the OAuth 2.0 authorization standard and the company’s own BioID Web Service (BWS). The service enables fast and easy integration of biometric authentication.

The OAuth service offers “privacy by design” – biometrics are stored anonymously and completely separate from any personally identifiable information. Unlike passwords or tokens, biometric recognition with liveness detection assures the user’s presence during registration and authentication. The current release supports face recognition, with OpenID Connect, voice recognition and one-time password (OTP) support planned in subsequent releases.

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Keyloggers, trojans and hackers, oh my! How to build a better password manager.

do not forget the key

A newly discovered variant of a particularly nasty and widespread piece of malware could be a big threat to people using password managers. So, does this mean password managers are a bad idea? Should we go back to file cards and sticky notes to store our passwords? Or can we enjoy the benefits of a password manager without fear of theft?

By allowing users to create unique strong passwords for each account, password managers are as seen as an important solution to the growing flood of passwords today's internet users have to deal with. Unfortunately, researchers at IBM's Trusteer security group have discovered a variant of the Trojan known as Citadel, specifically targeting popular password managers including KeePass and PasswordSafe, which could easily target others as well.

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VoiceTrust and BioID announce strategic alliance to deliver multi-modal biometric authentication solutions

  • Tuesday, November 18, 2014
  • Tanya Graw

VoiceTrust, a global leader in voice biometrics solutions and BioID AG, a cloud biometrics leader, today announced a strategic alliance that will create a full suite of biometric offerings to VoiceTrust customers worldwide.

Under the terms of the agreement, Canadian-based VoiceTrust will have exclusive rights to resell BioID's biometric modalities through integration into VoiceTrust's agnostic authentication platform. In addition to voice, this agreement will expand VoiceTrust's solution set to include facial and periocular with liveness detection and iris, making VoiceTrust a true multi-modal biometric authentication provider.

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BioID Showcase at Passenger Terminal Expo 2014

MATERNA GmbH, a leading provider of airport passenger handling solutions, will be showcasing a convenient automated airport passenger service solution with face recognition for self-service check-in as well as boarding at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2014 in Barcelona from March 25-27. Interested visitors can visit MATERNA in stand 1426.

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BioID launches biometric authentication service for web and mobile service providers

  • Thursday, October 11, 2012
  • tanya.graw
BioID, Inc., a provider of multimodal biometric authentication for IT, web, and mobile applications, today announced the launch of BioID Connect, a cloud-based biometric authentication service that providers of web, cloud and mobile services can easily integrate to offer their users convenient strong authentication, using standard webcams and smart phone cameras for highly accurate face recognition.

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