Recognized for innovation

BioID’s technology leads the industry in many ways. Three elements of our biometric technology stand out in particular:


  • Industry-leading face and voice recognition
  • Multimodal biometrics for accuracy, fraud resistance and flexibility

Liveness detection

  • Detects photo & video fakes
  • Ensures presence of live user


  • Anonymous biometrics: no personal data
  • Secure: private transport & storage
  • Irreversible template: no photos stored

BioID Framework 4.0 – the foundation for professional biometrics

BioID’s product offerings are based on the BioID Framework 4.0, developed by the team based on experience accumulated over the last 15 years. The BioID Framework 4.0, a unique development platform, enables the team to deliver a wide range of high-quality applications for various devices and operating systems. It provides a design process that greatly shortens the development cycle, allowing rapid, iterative releases to ensure correctness and performance at every stage.

Continuously improved and upgraded, the BioID Framework 4.0 represents our most advanced development framework featuring:

  • support of any kind of image- and signal-processing and -classification (especially for biometrics)
  • platform independence, supporting almost all types of applications, cloud or non-cloud based
  • a powerful graphical object-oriented development platform – extremely easy to use and enhance
  • built-in automated (e.g. daily) quality assurance in parallel with ongoing software development
  • privacy by design using anonymous “class” concept without personal data
BioID Framework enables advanced biometrics through the BioID Web Service.

BioID 4.0 Framework – the foundation for many possibilities

The BioID Framework 4.0 is especially suitable for multimodal biometric application development empowered by:

  • leading state-of-the-art biometric algorithms for face and voice recognition
  • proprietary algorithms all developed in-house – no OpenCV or other public domain sources used
  • optimization for authentication and security (most biometric services optimize for photo tagging or marketing)
  • several patented technologies including the first liveness detection based on challenge response
  • industry-leading image and motion analysis, signal processing and pattern recognition IP
  • the support of various industry security standards and regulations

Besides its highly accurate recognition rates, the BioID Framework 4.0 offers the only face recognition that can detect when an impostor is using a photo or video to impersonate a legitimate user.

BioID Designer - the BioID development tool

The most important tool that comes with the BioID Framework is the BioID Designer. We use this tool to design, test and run the so-called BioID Graphs (these are compilable XML files that describe the intended processing flow). With the Designer we create the Graphs simply via drag and drop. After a Graph has been designed and configured, we can directly execute (and debug) it within the Designer and even can watch the processed data and results during the execution.

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BioID Designer Screenshot

This is a screenshot of the BioID Designer while editing one of the graphs used with the BioID Web Service.

BioID Designer Screenshot

Another Graph during or shortly after its execution. Most of the Operations within a Graph have views associated that can be used to watch the processed data.