Forget passwords. Be recognized.

BioID is the cloud biometrics company. We make strong, convenient, privacy-assured face and voice recognition available to everyone, on any device, anytime, anywhere so people can be protected in the cyber world and forget about passwords!

Every one of us has struggled to deal with overwhelming passwords, and at the same time we are all personally concerned about the risk of identity theft and care deeply about protecting our privacy. Given such a dilemma, we decided to build a recognition platform to free us from these nightmares for a better digital life.

Two common myths often circulate in IT security communities:

  • The security / convenience trade-off: to be more secure, a system must necessarily be more difficult to use, and likewise, if you try to make it easier to use, you sacrifice security.
  • Using biometrics means sacrificing privacy.

However, we simply disprove these myths by delivering user recognition that is both secure and easy to use, while protecting user privacy.

Guided by the vision that anonymous biometric recognition empowers internet users to secure their online identities with privacy, BioID offers a reliable link between a real person and digital identities by verifying the user’s presence in a convenient and natural way - just the way they look and/or the way they sound. The company’s technology has been proven through many years of use in enterprises, banks and government organizations.

Privately held with R&D based in Germany, BioID has offices in Switzerland and the US.

The could biometrics company

Corporate Data


Bruenigstrasse 95
6072 Sachseln
Date of incorporation: June 22, 2004
Commercial Register: Canton Obwalden CHE-111.726.389

Board of directors:

Ho Chang
Wolfgang Hoffmann


R & D, European & rest of world sales:

BioID GmbH
Bartholomäusstraße 26C
90489 Nürnberg
Date of incorporation: January 25, 2007
Commercial Register: Nuernberg HRB 23689
VAT-ID number: DE255962120


North American sales:

BioID, Inc.
1805 North Carson Street, Suite X-105
Carson City, NV 89701
United States of America
Date of incorporation: September 22, 2011
Entity number: E0524992011-7