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face biometrics company bioid

Trusted by solution providers worldwide, the BioID Web Service offers proprietary liveness detection and facial recognition. Originating from Germany, we ensure GDPR compliance by delivering reliable identity verification SaaS.

Since 1998, BioID seamlessly connects real-world individuals with their digital personas.

Be recognized. Simply by the way you look.

face biometrics company bioid
Face biometrics company with ISO/IEC 30107 compliance for liveness detection
Face biometrics company with ISO/IEC 27001 TÜV certification for information security management system

BioID’s Leading Biometric Services

Liveness Detection

Patented Presentation Attack Detection (PAD)

Compliant with ISO 30107-3

Deepfake detection

Supports both active and passive

Deepfake Detection

Simple API integration

Reliable against AI-generated identity theft

Real-time evaluation 

Trained with vast datasets


Enables KYC/AML components

ID ownership verification

Secured by PAD

Simple face + (ID) photo matching

Face Recognition

Highly accurate cloud-based authentication

As easy as taking a selfie

Pioneer since 1998

Secured by liveness detection

25 Years of the Company BioID

Test all our services on the BioID Playground

Who is BioID?

With its R&D based in Nuremberg, BioID is a pioneer in Biometrics as a Service and a trusted face biometrics company.
BioID has its origins in the renowned research institute Fraunhofer IIS in Germany – the innovation hub for ground-breaking technologies, such as MP3.

Today, the AI-powered BioID Web Service (BWS) is being used worldwide by solution providers as well as in the financial sector, telcos, military services, governments, and more.

face biometrics company global saas

World’s 1st Biometric SaaS

BioID is a face biometrics vendor since 1998

Biometrics Specialist since 1998

BioID is a certified face biometrics company

Compliant with Industry Standards

Face biometrics company with gdpr compliance

EU GDPR Compliant

Use Cases for Face Biometrics

Access control with phone for kyc


ID ownership verification as a part of KYC. Regulatory requirements to prevent identity theft, fraud, and money laundering.

Using face biometrics company's biometric authentication and presence detection for work from home

Work from Home

Biometric authentication and presence detection for remote workers to ensure session integrity and prevent unauthorized access.

Using face biometrics company's periocular recognition for healthcare


Fast and reliable multi-user access management in healthcare to ensure authorized system and patient record access.


The BioID Resources section is a rich library that contains comprehensive knowledge, information, videos,
as well as our Playground to test face biometrics, liveness detection, ID verification, and more.
In addition, it includes BioID’s popular face database used by researchers
to compare the quality of their face recognition algorithms with others.


BioID Partner from Digidentity CEO Marcel Wendt

Marcel Wendt, CTO of Digidentity

“We are proud to partner with BioID in supporting GOV.UK Verify during this unprecedented situation in completing critical remote identity verification. By working together with BioID, we can further automate this process (selfie check), providing a face-to-face level of assurance with liveness detection and making sure that the person on the other side is really who they say they are with facial recognition.”

BioID partner comcorp daniel isaacs

Daniel Isaacs, Group CFO at Comcorp

“Comcorp has been partners with face biometrics company BioID for over 3 years now and we continue to choose BioID as our Trusted Biometric Partner. Partnering with BioID has allowed us to ensure that we are able to provide our customers with the required level of security and fraud prevention technology while also ensuring a smooth user experience.”

BioID Partner GLUU CEO Mike Schwartz

Mike Schwartz, Founder / CEO at GLUU

“BioID has been a longstanding partner of ours and we use BioID every single day to get into our GLUU-server.

It really knows who I am!”

News & More

BioID at TechDays 2024

BioID at TechDays 2024

We are thrilled to announce BioID’s participation in the upcoming TechDays Munich event on July 24-25th! This dynamic gathering is a premier destination for tech professionals, innovators, and enthusiasts eager to explore the latest technological advancements and trends.

EU AI Act 2024 | Regulations and Handling of Deepfakes

EU AI Act 2024 | Regulations and Handling of Deepfakes

Taking a proactive stance, the EU has implemented stringent measures aimed at regulating artificial intelligence (AI) systems, including the realm of deepfakes, through its recent enactment of the AI Act. How does BioID comply with AI Regulations?

Made in Germany
since 1998

BioID Web Service made in Germany

Originating from the research institute Fraunhofer IIS in 1998, BioID is a German face biometrics company.

Our technology has a proven record since its inception and is trusted by countless enterprises, banks, and government organizations.