Stop authentication headaches.

Strong biometric authentication for 

Web and mobile service providers.

BioID Connect

Is your authentication causing headaches?

Authentication has traditionally been described as a trade-off between security and convenience. But in reality, conventional methods don’t really offer a high level of either. Passwords are especially painful; since most users have dozens of different user names and passwords to remember, they cope with unsafe password practices that put them at risk. Tokens can be easier but are rarely used for primary authentication and may require additional hardware. And neither one is able to verify the physical presence of the user.

As a result, organizations and individuals have become the victims of increasingly frequent and sophisticated cyber attacks and are facing growing problems of identity theft and data theft, which cost our global society over USD 388 billion last year. Providers of web and mobile services need to give their users a better way to be recognized.

Recognize your users with cloud-based biometrics!

Only biometrics can prove the user’s presence, since it is based on unique user traits that cannot be lost, stolen, guessed or shared. BioID Connect allows your web, cloud or mobile services to quickly and easily add strong and convenient biometric authentication that recognizes users naturally, by the way they look (face). Users can log in easily: they simply look at the camera.

With BioID’s unique authentication as a service model, you can quickly integrate strong authentication that verifies the user’s physical presence with standard webcams or smart phone cameras. No special client hardware or software is required, and the integration with your application can be running in a few days.