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A woman's face with the face outlined, indicating that it has been detected.

BioID Web Services (BWS)

Powerful face & voice biometrics as a service for cloud, web and mobile application developers

Biometrics is a popular buzzword today, but it's more than just hype. The ability to verify a person's identity, to identify individuals, or to find similarities among people can be powerful tools for any web or mobile app developer, with wide-reaching applications.

BioID Web Services (BWS) is a cloud-based online service providing powerful multimodal biometric technology to developers of any service or software with access to the internet. Implemented as 'biometrics as a service' it can enhance existing infrastructures in an easy way. As a cloud computing service it dynamically scales up to any performance and storage requirements, making it applicable for a wide range of usage scenarios.

BWS description

Developers of web, cloud and mobile applications can securely access BioID Web Services using SOAP and RESTful APIs.

Make some magic happen with the world's most advanced biometric web services

  • Biometric authentication including liveness detection: face and voice (iris coming soon)
  • Fraud prevention: user presence check, detecting photo replay attacks, detecting multiple registrations from the same person
  • Ticketless check-in (trade shows, airline boarding, ships, hotels)
  • Multiple face detection (for security and fun applications)
  • Precise face detection, face & eye position
  • High-precision image quality check to ICAO & ISO/IEC standards (e-passport/ID photos, mug shots)
  • Face or voice similarity search (online dating, celebrity matching, model or casting agencies)
  • Photo tagging