BioID is a global leader in 

multimodal biometric authentication. 

We grow with security. 

A woman's face with the face outlined, indicating that it has been detected. In the back some digital identities, shown as silhouettes of people with logos of eg social and business networks.


BioID, a leader in online and mobile biometric recognition and identity management, is guided by the vision that camera-based recognition services will replace traditional username/ password-based authentication to greatly enhance the convenience, user experience and security of internet and mobile users and help protect them from identity theft and data theft. BioID’s services recognize a person reliably by their face, iris and/or voice. The company’s technology has been proven through many years of use at enterprises, banks and government organizations, and can be integrated flexibly into existing IT and communication environments. Privately held, BioID is headquartered in Switzerland with offices in Germany and the US.

Solutions: multimodal biometric authentication and identity recognition solutions that verify a person's identity based on physical traits, including face, iris, and voice, and that can be delivered through the cloud without client software or special hardware.

Applications: mobile phone and internet recognition and identity services.

Markets: enterprise IT, online service providers, law enforcement, government, banking and finance, healthcare.

Why choose BioID?

  • Reliable, secure, convenient recognition
  • Flexible, scalable solutions
  • Proven success
  • Industry-leading scientists and engineers
  • Ongoing development: keeping up with technology changes



Materna partners with BioID to offer convenient airport passenger service solutions

User-friendly face recognition automates identity check and enables faster, more secure passenger handling

24-Mar-14 10:00


BioID launches biometric authentication service for web and mobile service providers

Cloud-based BioID Connect enables convenient strong authentication with no special client hardware or software

10-Oct-12 19:31


BioID announces cloud-based biometrics support for Intel Cloud IAM solutions

Easy-to-use cloud-based biometric authentication ensures user’s presence without hardware or software deployment

16-Apr-12 08:55